Saturday 16 March 2013

Hello bead world, what have I missed?

When one has not blogged for a fortnight because one has had lovely long weekends away and crazy weeks at work one can be faced with a blank screen and one's brain might just crash... or maybe that's just me?

I have lots to tell you (and for comedic effect the postman has just knocked and delivered another signed for package) but where to start?

After I'd completed my Amber Bracelet I'd made a decision to try and spend less on beads as January was amazingly crazy even by my standards, looking back at February I can say that yes I did spend less on beads compared to January but I still spent quite a lot (damn those "small and beautiful" beads) so my collection continued to grow and my new boiler fund didn't grow at quite the rate it should have.

So what have I been up to?

Well there was the world's tiniest silver bead in the shape of a group of hearts that came along... then even though I was contemplating climbing on the Bead Wagon there was a purple and white ooak (unique) with metallic buds/bumpies on.  The lovely person at the shop who posted this out to me even wrote a message saying sorry we tempted you off the Bead Wagon.

3 days after contemplating the Bead Wagon 3 beads arrived, 3 is such a good number don't you think?

There was a LE Pink Jasper, silver snowball (shown here to the left of snow which is the bead on the right) and Whirling Adventure from a lovely collector who had hand picked it to use on a bracelet but decided it wasn't working for her, all of these were very much bargain beads at great prices as I picked them up in sales or preloved.

The final bead in this post was another ooak, a bumpy python bead from the US, described as having peacock colours, love this bead and have finally used it in a combination that I'm very happy with, but you'll have to make do with just the bead for now!


  1. Ilove the hearts bead, it is small, but I have the hearts print, which is equally small but I think they make great end beads. My daughter bought me mine for mothers day a few years back so it has a very special place in my heart. just love your whirling adventure, if it doesnt work for you, you know where I am would look fab on my lavender combo!!!

    1. It's teeny tiny! As I use stoppers it looks a bit odd at the end, as that was my first thought too but it gets dwarfed by the stopper... have found it very useful next to small and beautiful beads and also love it on my leather bracelets!

      Love why you have the hearts print bead, that is beautiful! The whirling adventure bead is a prime example of it's kind, couldn't believe the seller was letting it go but hopefully she's now been able to buy something she loves and I was definitely very happy to have this particular one. Will keep you in mind though if I ever consider selling this one (not likely).

      Mars x


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