Sunday 17 February 2013

Spectacular mail days! (Part 2 - the new style beads)

Like most people I love receiving packages in the mail, and as I buy many beads from overseas (as well as the UK), I never quite know when they're going to arrive, and in what order... it becomes a bit of a lottery as to what will arrive first and I love surprises.

This is the second post of three that spanned only 2 days and what made it spectacular wasn't just the beads (although they are ALL stunners) but all the surprise extra bits and pieces that were included in with the beads.  How to turn a great package into a spectacular one!

This bead came with a Jewellery polishing cloth for my silver beads; very pleased to receive this as a gift.

This bead has a white core that's encased in green glass with ridges/ruffles along the edge

This is one of the new style beads and is highly sought after.  I've seen them called ridged and ruffle beads and they appear to come in 2 colours, this beautiful green/turquoise colour and pink.  Leann from Charms Addict has done a great piece on Small and Beautiful Uniques which I found really helpful as there has been much confusion as to what of the new style beads are included in this latest release.  I hadn't realised they were quite so limited (although I knew they were very hard to get hold of) so I'm feeling really lucky that I managed to pick up this one!

This was the second of the raffle/knockout beads that I won the opportunity to buy, in the same week... I was truly gobsmacked to win this one as 74 other trollbead fans had also put their names into the hat!  What to put it with though as I don't normally do pale and delicate?

Well I knew it would go beautifully with my new ooak, and whilst I was pondering this I canvassed a few friends for suggestions on other beads... this led to this next trio of beads.  

I don't have a plan on how this will develop but I very much like the start!


  1. wow love these 3 together, can't wait to see the finished combo........and part 3 lol

    1. Thanks Pauline, part 3 will be here tomorrow, not too long to go! I can't wait for it either! ;)

  2. Thanks, will pop over to your blog for a read in a bit xx


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