Friday 22 February 2013

Guest Spot: Anne ~ A Bracelet for All Seasons

I have often admired Anne's inspired glass bracelets (we share a love of purple beads) so I was really pleased when she agreed to write and photograph a guest spot for Curling Stones this month.  Anne tells her own trollbead story and explores themed bracelets using the seasons as an inspiration.

"How it all started...

When, about 4 years ago, I saw my very first Trollbeads bracelet in the window of a jewellers I was, of course, completely captivated.  Not long after I was thrilled to be able to choose a bracelet and four beads as a birthday gift from my Darling Husband (DH).

But... what to select?  I was, as they say, like a child in a sweet shop!  I went for a completely random selection, seduced by the dazzling array of delightfully coloured glass beads.  Gradually I added to my collection with some more considered choices and, very soon, had a full bracelet.  "Great!" said my DH, "but what shall I buy you for future birthdays and Christmases?"

Too late.  I was in the grip of the addiction, and one bracelet was never going to satisfy my cravings!!  Forget just birthdays and Christmas!  Now every celebration from Mothering Sunday to Wedding Anniversary, Easter and Valentines Day all required a bead [or 2...!].   Well... you get the idea.  But I'm forgetting; if you're reading this you're probably as besotted as me?

L-R: Wisdom, Castle, Hallelujah, Musical Box

Part of the Trollbeads philosophy is "Every bead has a story" and I fully embrace this as a criteria for choosing silver beads.  For example, my wisdom bead was a gift from DH for obtaining my Open University degree, Hallelujah and Musical Box beads are symbols of my love of classical music, and Castle represents my interest in history.

L-R: English Tea Party, Spirit of Freedom,
The Ugly Duckling and Thumbelina

As the number of bracelets grew I became more methodical and began to theme combinations around the personal 'story' idea.  For example, my passion for children's literature is epitomised in combinations based around the beads show above; English Tea Party, The Ugly Duckling, Spirit of Freedom [Peter Pan], Thumbelina and Castle.

A Bracelet for All Seasons

However meaningful the silver beads are, my true passion remains with those glass beads that so mesmerised me in that jeweller's window... (with apologies to Robert Bolt's 'A Man for All Seasons' for my title!)

The spectacular variety of colours available is incredible, and I recently started to surrender to their splendour by making up a bracelet for each season, symbolising their colours and moods, with minimal or no use of silver beads.


This first bracelet represents the pure icy brilliance of a White Christmas.  The star here is Ice Diamond, whose perfect glacial azure is emphasised by the exquisite Dichroic Ice beads on either side.  Whilst Hallelujah and Cherub epitomise the traditional image of Christmas, the bauble, a new addition to the Trollbeads range, characterises the commercial aspect of the festival.


I have found that the successful all-glass combinations are made up of a variety of colour, pattern and texture.  My spring bracelet succumbs to a variety of lush, verdant hues symbolic of the celebration of renewal and rebirth, worthy of Eastre the Goddess of Spring.  I chose to accentuate the elements of the season by including the cheeky smiley faced neon-green manga bead, reminiscent of the innocent joy of childhood, the Frog Prince for new life and Easter Egg dangle beads.


Turning to summer, the traditional aspect of a British seaside holiday are characterised by the fabulous pastel and ice cream colours radiating from the focal bead - the dazzling Summer Jewel.  Ice diamond loses the glacial azure of the Christmas bracelet, and, beside Pink Desert, becomes a clear summer sky.  The twin aspects of a British summer are reflected in the umbrella-like leaf over the Ugly Duckling and sun-filled days in the swirls of Joyful.


My favourite season is autumn.  Although often represented in rustic greens, reds and oranges, I prefer to illustrate the fading brilliance of summer with intense opulent tones.  Although I could explain in great detail the significance of the choice of beads here, it's just an excuse to revert to my absolute favourite colour - purple.  This is traditionally associated with, amongst other virtues, nobility, luxury, sophistication, extravagance and creativity; I wanted this bracelet, another all-glass to embody these qualities.  

The inclusion of black beads makes it a very versatile bracelet when designing a combination to go with a particular outfit.  But don't get me started on that passion......!


All photos by Anne.


  1. Hi Anne, nice to see you and your bracelets here, great story, and that is how an addiction starts.....

  2. Thank you so much Anne for popping in to do a guest spot for Curling Stones - was great working with you!

    Mars xx

  3. This is really lovely. I have admired the pictures, but now I know more about the thought process I'm in awe all over again!

    1. This is one of the things I love about Anne's piece in particular :)


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