Sunday 21 October 2012

Another Girl, Another Planet

Ever since I bought small planet from another collector, I've had an earworm.

Always happy to share my thoughts, and just for you dear readers, my earworm - Another Girl, Another Planet.

Funnily enough, whilst working out how to embed (the right) video on Blogger I think I've exercised my earworm quite well, it appears to have left me.  They saying writing can be quite cathartic; apparently it works for earworms too!

So it was time to break my current bracelets up to make a new combination using planet.  I wanted a different variation of colours for this bracelet, as I find I've been favouring the same colour mixtures for a while now.

Clockwise from Swan lock: purple prism, Scorpio & Aries zodiac birthstone star, purple stripe,
small silver planet, pumpkin, Lithuania's bead, Taurus zodiac birthstone star, silver mountain,
dragon and phoenix, brown desert, Cancer & Pisces zodiac birthstone star, lake eye, Baltic gold,
angle triangles, LE jasper, Virgo zodiac birthstone star, striped pink agate, the hare and the tortoise.

I wanted to include silver mountain and the pearl zodiac birthstone star as I've not used these for a while, it's quite hard to pick up the detail of silver mountain on a camera phone but if you'll "excuse fingers" I did try to get a closer shot of the details!

L-R: Baltic Gold, lake eye, Cancer & Pisces star, brown desert, dragon and phoenix,
silver mountain, Taurus star, Lithuania's bead, pumpkin, planet.

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