Monday 3 September 2012

No new additions until I get paid in September (yeah right!)

After setting myself a "no new additions until I get paid in September" rule, admittedly one I *thought* I might break before the month was up, I really didn't expect to break this rule so soon... I lasted 2 days.

In my defence, my first infringement of my self imposed rule was a "preloved" (aka secondhand) 17cm silver bracelet.  

As previously blogged my collection is growing and I am enjoying my current purple/blue, green and silver bracelet so much so that I'm not keen to break it up at the moment.  It has some of my favourite beads that get used over and over again, milky way, lake eye, silver cells and more recently silver virgo; leaving these beads on this bracelet will challenge me to not rely on my favourites! 

Back to my (rather flimsy) defence... This bracelet was at a very good price so I decided to dive straight on in, still hopelessly believing that I'd climb right back out again... ahem.

My thoughts were I could have fun making up this second bracelet with my other beads and challenging myself to make combinations without relying on my trusty four.

It was a good plan.

But not quite good enough...

Before going on holiday I'd communicated with a lady in Wales who was selling her collection of beads and I'd expressed an interest in buying some from her.  However holiday adventures meant that not only did I not get around to sorting this out as promised, but my unexpected side trip to Bristol meant I'd bought 3 new beads there, so in my head I'd spent my troll fund allocation for that month.

However fate was to have a hand, as I came across this same collection of beads via another source. Fate I decreed!  (See I am really good at bending my own rules).  So I got back in touch and added to my preloved collection with bright red prism, red prism and 2 silver stoppers for my new bracelet.

Did I leave it at that? Oh no, half an hour after this I discover one of my favourite online retailers have a retired beads sale on, having just bought some red beads I ordered the retired silver Leo bead as it has an orangy red bead (from the same collection as my silver Virgo).  I really want to add as much of this retired collection to my beads as I can; I love the silver star designs!  Unfortunately I've not seen that many available and it's always the same few types.  I'm making plans to add Taurus and Gemini whilst they're still available and then will try and slowly hunt down any of the others that I might have the fortune to find.  But enough about this tangent; let me get back to the current story!

Last Friday I was going out and wearing a lot of red so it was the perfect chance to wear my new prism beads, they go really well with my RAFBF bead and I've not worn my new dragon much so here is what I chose.

Then on Saturday whilst waiting for (recorded) delivery No.4 (I know I know, I fell off the wagon so hard my backside is positively black and blue) I decided to make something with my preloved silver bracelet and my new retired silver Leo.  Now I'd played around a bit when I first got it (who can't resist doing this with new beads - unless of course you are on holiday and just carry them around for 2 weeks!) but today I decided to make something a bit away from my normal style.

The result is a very summery bracelet (lol made on the first day of Autumn, I am always late to the party) and whilst I love the look of the bracelet I can't see me wearing this one much myself at the moment.  Well not unless someone is going to pay for me to jet off somewhere with summery weather and a wardrobe of pretty dresses to match.


Delivery No. 4 arrived whilst I was typing... Deliveries No. 5 and No. 6 are due next week! 

(No. 6 was ordered whilst I was finishing this piece; when I fell off this wagon I decided to do a somersault on the way down just for fun)


  1. I'm just laughing :D I can't really contribute anything useful aside from *lol* :P

  2. I've been laughing myself; my somersault off the wagon has developed a trampoline at the bottom which has bounced me right back up just so I can fall off all over again.

    I'd better put a stop to it at some point as I'll need enough funds for the Halloween release!


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