Tuesday 25 September 2012

Just one (or two) more... (Falling off the Wagon Part V)

I really thought with my recent bonanza of bead packages that the temptation had abated slightly, and actually it had... I was so pleased with my extra beads, bracelet and locks that I was feeling rather content.

Of course I always see beads that I desire, however I can reign it in when needs be (sometimes).  What I wasn't prepared for was when another collector had reduced their prices on some beads I'd liked... to the point where I was totally restrained, oh for all of about 2 minutes when I saw them.

2 quick mouse clicks later (and a short message just in case you thought I was using the mouse clicks as morse code) and pink bud and the limited edition Snow Swirls from the Christmas Kit were winging their way to me...  May just be the quickest transaction to date, posted about 90 minutes after the first message, so requested, paid, packed and posted in record time!

My final indulgence of the week was Baby's Breath as described here by Endangered Trolls, it's a spacer and much smaller than normal beads.  I've shown it next to a normal bead and a prism so you can see the size comparison with production beads.  I'd really like another one but I'm being good on the bead buying (at long last) as I'm waiting to spend my final indulgence of September on something special.

Baby's breath was not released in the UK; this was bought from another collector.  The trollbead community are very generous when there are limited releases in other countries; helping out those who don't live there, or who can't, or who are not yet comfortable buying internationally and quite a few of us have benefited from their kindness in getting hold of these to pass on.  To be honest it's probably more considerate to my bank balance if I don't yet buy from abroad as I've seen some stunning beads from other collectors around the globe!!!


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    1. If I could draw I would show you my wagon... it has a springboard on the back for when I want to deliberately dive off and an extended platform so I can take a running jump to get a good high dive going.

      Then attached by a tow bar riding behind it is a trampoline, this enables me to get back on it on a regular basis.

      There is also a "dodgy" railing on part of the back, this is where I accidentally fall off, but there is a nice comfy mattress to the side of the trampoline so I have a soft fall, and this is linked by a rope ladder so I can climb back up again.

      Maybe I should detach the bits off the back of my wagon... but then the wagon would become a dot in the distance so that might mean I've bought ALL the trollbeads!

    2. I'm really sorry Michael I seemed to have removed your comment by accident and can't get it back!! (I was busy doing something else on my computer and hadn't noticed that my trackpad was over your comment when I tapped it...)

      For those people wondering what I was replying to...

      The comment went something like, where do you find all these lovely beads, and I'm a bit worried about the design of your wagon as you fall off it so often.

      (I need an undo action on my blog)


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