Monday 17 September 2012

Blindfold Bracelet Challenge

This was something I saw elsewhere; so it has very much been copied from other collectors!

I chose to do this on the weekend as a fun way of breaking up my two much loved bracelet combinations from this post and later on from this post as I was getting so reluctant to change them that I hadn't made any new bracelets for a while using all my collection.  And hey, it's not as if I don't have a blog where I photograph my bracelets and are able to replicate them again when needed!

I sorted out my glass beads into one dish and my silver beads into another...

Then I picked out 8 beads from each dish...

...and made a bracelet, for this challenge I chose the order that the beads went on the bracelet.

It was actually harder than I thought it would be, when I make up bracelets I always use an odd number, usually 17 or 19 depending on the size of the beads, and I often group beads into 3's, e.g. 3 glass to 1 silver, or some variation on this, and when I alternate glass and silver I always use odd numbers. I've also discovered that Zodiac Stars if put together, in the same direction, actually get stuck in each other!  (My stars were too closely aligned) There goes my plan for a string of them...

This is what I came up with after *much* deliberation.

For the second challenge bracelet I put all the beads back, gave them a stir and repeated the process with 16 beads but put the beads onto the bracelet in the order they were picked; the only control I gave myself was picking out glass and silver alternatively.

This is what happened...

I was surprised to see all 3 zodiacs picked out again along with the dragon, but I'm wondering if it's because they sit much higher in the dish than the other silvers, that I just touch those first and thus pick them?  I also managed to pick half of the bead of fortune bead too and a lot of the agates.  I quite like the quirky nature of this bracelet even though it's not something I'd put together myself!


  1. I happened to stumble upon your blog and I enjoy reading :)
    I like to try a random combination of beads myself sometimes, the results can be spectacular, like yours here

    I'm a "free-style" bead collector, not attached as yet to the leading brands
    feel free to look at my creations at:
    and at my photos and things I find interesting at:

  2. Thanks Gosialein, your bead blog is gorgeous!

    Really love your Valhalla bracelet, some amazing beads and beautiful combination. if anyone else wants a specific peak?

    I'm waiting on a delivery of artisan beads at the moment, so about to depart from my purist creations, I've also been admiring Redbalifrog and Story too but having just had a blow out on trollbead ooaks, I think it'll be a while before I get around to those.

    I've bookmarked your blog so will have a good read :)



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