Wednesday 15 October 2014

Trollbeads ~ Carved Amber & Daisy Bracelet

So, I mentioned there was a second bracelet...

Ever since I first started collecting Trollbeads I'd lusted after the silver and gold Daisy bead, I'd always imagined making a Daisy and Amber bracelet, but I've never quite managed it; the closest I came previously was my Amber & Blue Daisy Bracelet but I've never cracked the all amber one no matter how many times I've tried as I've never been totally happy with the end result.

When I was sat bead playing the other day my eyes strayed to my carved ambers in one box, and some of my faceted ambers from my recently dismantled Trollbeads Amber and Amethyst Bracelet in another; noting the similar colours and sizes an idea began to form.

Trollbeads Carved Amber beads are my all time favourite ambers,
paired here with one of my all time favourite silver and gold beads.

Carved Ambers L-R: Fish, Scarab, Turtle, Rose, Fish, Ladybugs

My special 3 Ladybug bead (normally there are 4 smaller ones carved)

It required some tweaking but I'm really pleased with the end result, and as you can see there is a mix'n'match element to both bracelets.

Double stacked Amber & Halloween Bracelets

I'm always curious about how the design process works for other people, so...

Has there been a design you've had in your imagination that's eluded you in practice?
Do you keep trying, give up completely or wait for inspiration to strike?


  1. I can see the appeal of Miss Daisy. What a lovely bead. This most recent amber bracelet came out perfectly, so gorgeous! I have lots of designs that work in my mind but don't make it to reality. My most satisfying creations come from a strong conceptual base. If I start with what I think is a good idea and then just start playing with beads usually something happens. And, if nothing materializes then I still enjoy the beads so it's really win-win.

    1. Thanks Liz, I seem to have lots of favourites but Daisy was definitely one of my first and much wished for beads, it's beautifully done with the gold centres - I love that it's not symmetrical or twee.

      I've moved towards having a more of a concept in mind at the moment, it certainly helps to focus on getting the design finished! I think with this one, the reason I struggled before is all my ambers are so wildly different, it wasn't until I got the last faceted ones and the carved ones that there was some similarities running through them to make this the stunner that it turned out to be.

      Having said that I adore my all amber bracelet because of the variety of shapes, shades, textures and sizes!

      Win-win either way ;)

      Mars xx

  2. This is a GORGEOUS bracelet! Definitely worth persevering for, I think :)

    Most of the time I'm able to get the designs in my head into a reasonable form on a bracelet. I can't think of a recent one that was a complete failure, but sometimes it does take more than a little tweaking to get it ;)

    1. Lol this is one of the ones that's been rattling around my head for years (long before I got any of the beads) but I've never felt I've cracked it until this version :D Super pleased with how it turned out!!

      That's so cool that you're always able to translate your ideas, I have loads of ideas that don't quite get there!

      Mars xx

  3. Really, really beautiful. I adore your bracelet! And it pairs so well with your Halloween bracelet. Le sigh, such beautiful Ambers. Yup, yup, you definitely have the knack for coming up with beautiful creations. :)

    1. Aw thank you Enaktra, that's really made my day <3

      I love amber, I have a beautiful artisan carved amber on it's way to me at the moment, eagerly awaiting it's arrival!

      Mars xx


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