Monday 20 October 2014

Trollbeads ~ Autumnal Bangle

Well I couldn't design two bracelets and a necklace without working on a complimentary bangle at the same time.

So the final one of my recent Autumnal themed designs makes use of a wonderful glass unique I found only last month.

It's a simple bubbles bead that has an incredible amber colouring and a "depth of colour" that is simply stunning - it was love at first sight when I saw this bead.

Autumn Bangle

I've paired it with my two artisan faceted carnelian stones and a pair of Trollbeads Trefoil Knots.

I love wearing my bangles with a pair of matching beads flanking a pair of matching silvers and a centre bead, it's a pattern you'll see me repeat time and time again, stones, glass or silver - it's all good as far as I'm concerned!

As you can see the bangle compliments everything else I made in that session; by the way I'm not wearing them like this all at once, this was just a photo I took to show a friend at the time.

I'm always curious as to how other people match, or don't match their jewellery, so do tell!!

Do you match your jewellery, go for complimentary pieces,
big and bold, small and discrete or not given it a second thought?


  1. You are on a roll with your autumn designs! :D

    I never really match my necklaces and bracelets. Most of my necklaces are smaller pendants on chains, so nothing really in common with my bracelets. I have one chunkier blue/green stone necklace that I tend to pair with my blue/green leather.

    If I stack bracelets then I try to pull together a common colour scheme but I don't often stack right now.

    1. Thanks! Very happy with all of these ones :)

      Necklace wise - I have 2 FNs now and a silver Troll one, but I never wear beads on my silver one as it's not a look I'd go for - have always been a chain and pendant girl.

      I do find myself choosing pendants (which are nearly always some kind of stone) that compliment my bracelets though or at least don't clash! I have a lot of pendants so it's fairly easy to do, the silver Troll chain gets worn mostly with Naughty Dragon, who I used to have on a leather but I swap and choose these days depending on what I'm wearing.

      Mars xx


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