Tuesday 26 August 2014

...Still Space to Adore! Thomas Sabo Karma

I've been considering the Karma range from Thomas Sabo ever since Abi brought my attention to it back in April; and now I've finally taken the plunge...

Told you I'd blown my bead budget all to hell this month didn't I?!

The Bracelet
I started with the blackened bracelet, taking a chance on the size as the opportunity was to buy preloved rather than new.  I take a 17cm Troll Bracelet that I normally wear with a 2cm lock, so 19cm in total which sits quite loose - unless it's an all amber bracelet with big ambers.  For Karma I'm wearing an 18cm bracelet (overall length) as the beads are a lot smaller than Troll, so I'm assuming I won't need quite as much length.

We'll see how my Mars Logic fares as I fill up the bracelet!

The lock is a clasp that one end of the bracelet is permanently affixed to and the other end slots in when open, and when you close the clasp it's locked in.

It looks like a bead in it's own right and for me, I love that the branding is nice and subtle, it does say Thomas Sabo but it doesn't scream it at you, it's more of a whisper.  I really don't like overt branding on jewellery but this is definitely within my acceptable limit.

A nice touch for those of us who like to fiddle with our beads whilst wearing them is that the clasp can spin freely where it's attached to the bracelet, so it not only looks like a bead but also rolls like a bead when it's "on" the chain.

The Beads
As lovely as that in shop experience is, I've started down the preloved route with my beads too.

The Matt Black Obsidian bead often comes with the bracelet as a promotional offer.  I intend to buy a lot more of these; as unlike when I started with Troll and it was a case of Ooh shiny! I want that one... this time around starting with a new brand I'm going to think about my 1st bracelet design before I get too carried away!

Karma Bracelet Display at Hugh Rice (May 2014)

The Obsidian also comes in shiny, faceted and carved versions (see the display bracelet above) and is an absolute staple; this will go great with the black rubber X by Trollbeads in a stack and I'm going to use them to tie my design together.

The beautiful, heavily detailed all over, Om bead was always top of my Karma Wishlist, so I was extremely happy to be able to pick this one up immediately.  It's just the one for now, but don't be surprised if this turns out to be a multiple buy in future!

So out of 3 preloved beads, 2 were already from my wishlist!

The third bead, White Lotus, is from the latest collection.  It's a very bling bead without being over the top.  More whispering and less shouting to continue the metaphor, it features a large white zircona surrounded by blacked silver in a lovely pattern with even more bling inset in the silver itself.

This bead comes in 3 other versions, and whilst White Lotus wasn't on my wishlist for Karma, the Black Onyx version was, yep, you guessed it - called Black Lotus.  

Although it was the onyx version that was top of my wishlist, I did like the White Lotus when I saw the live photos.  I ummed and ahhed about adding this one as I'd already spent a fair bit even at preloved prices; then I decided to just go for the hat-trick as I like my beads in odd numbers!

Finally come the stoppers, which here I am using multiples of as spacers!  Like most stoppers, they have a rubber inset to keep them in a set place on the chain.

The stoppers come in several designs and Karma also boasts a skulls version in the range which are slightly bigger; so along with several of the skull themed beads they are most certainly on my Karma Wishlist!

Silver Skulls Karma Bead - top of my Karma Skulls Wishlist

In Summary
Every time I visit a jewellers that stock Karma I've been leaving little telltale signs of drool on their cabinets.

Karma Display at Hugh Rice (May 2014)

My original plan had been that I'd leave Karma until Christmas, given I'd waited this long, and we had the new collections from Redbalifrog, Trollbeads and X by Trollbeads to come.  But, as all us jewellery addicts know, the best laid plans are often put aside when an opportunity presents itself at a great preloved price!

I've been absolutely delighted with Karma so far, it's everything I hoped it would be.

Now that I've started, I've invited friends to take bets
on how long it will be before I give in
to my compulsion to finish my Karma bracelet...

Feel free to join in - no prizes, it's just for fun!

p.s. thanks to Alison for the inspiration for the title, she actually meant to type "still space to add more" in a message but I liked it with original typos and stole it for the blog!


  1. Wow! Beautiful. Must you tempt me with other collections? :) I'll be good, I'll be good. :sits on hands:

    1. I'm guess I'm doubly naughty on this one then... shouldn't have bought myself as blown the bead budget spectacularly this month and putting pretty new temptations in your path? ;)

      Mars xx

  2. Hi I'm sure you won't regret your purchase! I started with a necklace as didn't think I needed ANOTHER charm bracelet! But I've since bought the black cord bracelet. I love having both and have worn some small silver troll beads mixed in with my karma beads on the bracelet, whilst wearing a single glass trollbead on the Sabo necklace (I bought a short chain). Not sure how to share a photo with you though!

    1. Oh I'd love to see that Mel! You could always email me? It's CurlingStonesForLegoPeople (at) gmail (dot) com. No need for the caps, it's just easier for me to write it that way to make sure I include all the letters ;)

      I did wonder about the small Troll silvers, or some of the tiny Small and Beautiful Beads that I struggle to put onto larger Troll bracelets as they are just soooo tiny. I've not experimented with Karma at all yet, apart from deciding how to wear the beads I have and what my next few will be.

      So far I've resisted buying more, so the first guess and second guesses of "by the end of the weekend" and "by the first week" haven't come to pass... definitely more restrained beginning than my first Troll bracelet!

      Mars xx

  3. The detailing on that Om bead is just exquisite! I'm a little glad that I don't know of a shop that sells them near to me :D

    April to August is quite a stretch to hold off, that is something to be proud of! :) Although you do seem to be stalking the stores that sell it a bit ... so I will guess that October will be when you have a finished Karma bracelet!

    1. I think Oct is a very good guess! We shall see, I don't know myself so it will be a complusion thing as I don't currently have a plan as I've yet to work out what's next on the buy some new collection items or backtrack through some old/existing projects!

      Yep, the Om is lovely, I'm definitely coveting another!

      Mars xx

    2. I was intrigued enough to look online today and there's a shop only 40 minutes from me that sells Thomas Sabo (not sure about Karma). And it just so happens to be on my route home from visiting a friend (which I do every 3 or so weeks). I may need to wait until my next bracelet design is further underway before visiting though!

    3. Well worth a look in person, I shall await to see if you are tempted in the flesh?! I'm not a fan of their regular charm range, but I don't think I'm their intended customer for that line ;)

      Karma however is most definitely a good match for me.

      If you're popping in it's well worth picking up the Karma catalogue, as well as the beads they have some fabulous campaign images... well they do in the old catalogue anyway!

      Mars xx

  4. Oooh a quick question for you Mars, are the stoppers compatible with TB? Thanks!

    1. Sadly not (as I really like the Karma stoppers), the karma bracelet is much thinner than the trollbead one so the stoppers won't fit.

      I believe they may be compatible with the Pandora Essence range which is also a much thinner bracelet but don't quote me on that one!!!! As I could well be misremembering that piece of info as I don't have a Pandora Essence bracelet so no way of checking!

      Mars xx

    2. Oh bummer. I was really eyeing the skull stoppers. They look awesome

    3. Watch this space... they are most awesome ;-)

      Mars xx


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