Monday 17 March 2014

Bali Clicks - My New Bracelet!

I have a new bracelet!

This one is by Bali Clicks and is a single leather band that simply closes by the use of poppers.  You can have it with both poppers done up or just the one to adjust the size.  I wear mine on just one, so it works as an oversized bangle - I have very small wrists, so if I wear this tight to my wrist it looks a bit too wide, loose it looks more in proportion.  You can buy the bracelets in different sizes so if I wanted to wear one with both done up I'd just buy the next size up.

The bracelets come in a range of colours and finishes (from neutrals to bright colours, leather to fur) and single or double wraps so there's a fair bit of choice.  Initially I ordered the brown leather "salmon skin" finish but sadly it was no longer available, I switched to the brown "print" version and I'm just as pleased with my choice, I also saved money on my original order as it was the cheaper version!

I love the little details on this and it can be customised with a whole range of different "clicks", these are very easy to swap around by simply popping on and off to get a totally different look each time.  Clicks wise, left to right in the photos above, these 3 are natural green stone, blue/green sparkly and sea green sparkly.

Natural green stone which is now on the right in the photo above, (I didn't notice until I was editing that I'd photographed this shot the other way around, d'oh!) comes more as a dome shape whereas the other two are flatter in appearance, it's not a detail you really notice when you're wearing it but I know that may bother some of my readers who like things to match evenly where possible.

One of the attractions of Bali Clicks for me, aside from looks, is that that the clicks themselves are around £7 each; so I can buy 3 of these for less than the price of a new Trollbead which makes changing the look of a bracelet a more affordable treat.

Admittedly I bought this bracelet and these clicks with summer in mind and long floaty dresses for that Boho appeal but I've been "road testing" it around the house for practicality and comfort (all good) and decided that a very cold and windy trip out to the East Coast of the UK was just what was needed before this gets put away ready for summer!

If you look closely you can just about see the bird I captured in the left hand side of the photo... I didn't take too many photos as it was VERY windy and I was actually scared my phone was going to blow out of my hands!  The weather forecast for Friday was initially nicer than the reality but we decided to go even though as you can see visibility was a bit, er, misty!

As I was knew where we were headed I couldn't resist also wearing, on my opposite wrist, my Trollbeads & Redbalifrog Winter Beach Bracelet which was inspired by this coastline and the green tones on my Bali Clicks bracelet complemented those I chose for my Winter Beach Bracelet...

Maybe it's not just for summer after all?


  1. Do you love it?! :D

    I've got to edit some pictures of one I have been wearing too :D


    1. I do, it was strange initially as I've been wearing flexible leathers for so long that to have a thicker, more bold band on felt a bit strange at first.

      Love that you can change clicks so easily and at that price, have my eye on some purple ones next and possibly a navy bracelet to follow later on!

      Mars xx

    2. Ooh definitely do put up the ones you've been wearing recently, would love to see those :)

  2. love, Love, LOVE it... even when I'm not a chunck-fan, this is abolutely something I love to see !!! XXXX

    1. Thanks Patty, I'm very happy with how it turned out, having ordered everything online it's always hard to tell the exact colours but the effect I was after has been realised in the flesh :)

      p.s. have to admit I wasn't exactly a chunk fan myself either until now, I think it was more I hadn't really seen ones I'd like!

  3. These are beautiful! The colors definitely personify the summer season you were going for! Now if summer would just get here... That would be fantastic!


    1. I love the greens of the sea off the coasts around here, absolutely lovely!

      I hear you though on the weather Kris, grey and miserable in the UK today... bright spot is having an afternoon off work!

      Mars xx


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