Sunday 4 November 2012

Preparing for departure & new arrivals

This weekend marks my first online trade (swapping beads with another collector) so I took the opportunity to take some photos of the collection as it's currently comprised, before the actual physical trade takes place.  I am a little sad to see a bead leave the bead box but it's going to a much loved home and will get to see far more daylight that it currently does with me; although in my defence, I did take it to 3 Greek Islands last month so it had a good holiday before we will eventually part company tomorrow!

Over the coming weeks I am expecting the bounty from my bead buying bonanza to start arriving so I thought it was a good time to also take stock of my collection to date.


I am delighted with these two photographs, I think they show off the lovely colours and diversity within my collection at this time - I use the term diversity quite loosely as I do realise I have 3 agate kits (plus the extra one I couldn't resist) and a fondness for zodiac stars!

The sharp eyed amongst you may be wondering where my leather bracelet has gone, well it was the entity that was anchoring my 3 heavy bracelets to the top of that pot!


  1. Wow! Amazing collection. love all the different colours! Can't believe you have 3 bracelets made up and all those spare beads! if any need a loving home... :-D

  2. Thanks Michael, I really love the stage my collection is at now; I can be a lot more creative with bracelet combinations because I have more beads to choose from.

    Shhh, don't tell anyone in case it spoils the surprise, but you'll probably not be shocked to learn that one parcel I'm expecting contains a 4th Silver Bracelet... I figured it was now time!

    Happy Blogging!


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