Tuesday 26 July 2016

Happy 4th Birthday!

I almost missed my blog birthday again!

I feel like a very neglectful blog mother.

It's not that I don't love my first born (the blog, I'm not actually neglecting any human children), it's just that I seem to have acquired a whole brood and it's hard to devote enough quality time to all of them at the moment.

They are all latchkey kids by necessity right now, which I try (and often fail) not to feel guilty about, which is crazy... as I'm under no obligation to look after them at all, but my first born, well she's special - and she is a she for some reason.

So baby, Happy 4th Birthday, you're always in my thoughts even if I don't make it home in time to write you a bedtime story these days.

Help me share the guilt...
What would you love to devote more time to that you're not at the moment?


  1. Happy Fourth Birthday! I often find that my blog's birthday sneaks up on me too.

    In terms of things that I feel guilty about, I haven't touched any clay for what feels like a long time. Which probably means that my copper clay is completely dried out. But I can't quite bear to look at it to confirm that. Even finding the time to try out new combinations with my beads is hard right now.

    1. I was comtemplating the new combinations for beads, I haven't for a while, my go to bracelets have been my Elements one, my Karma Bracelet and my Dark Luna bangle... they are mostly in rotation.

      All my "kids" are being neglected at the moment, mostly as the day job is a bit full on so I'm too tired out of work to be as creative as I long to be... but hoping to get back to the beadmaking soon, been having some kiln issues but hope they are resolved soon!

      Hope your clay is okay, I've got some packets to try out but that's at the very bottom of my list right now - will be returning to your A to Z before I do!!

      Mars xx

  2. Happy 4th Birthday! I always forget mine so it is totally understandable. That cake looks delicious!!!

    1. Thanks Kathleen, the actual cake was more a custard/raspberry doughnut affair, just as lovely!

      Mars xx


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