Monday 2 November 2015

Alex Cramariuc Elements Series Bracelet

I've been an admirer of Alex's work from the start - so it was no surprise to me that when he designed the Elements Series I fell head over heels with the design of these beads and the story behind them.

To read the original preview on Endangered Trolls -  just click on the link to open a new window: the full story is in the comments... but don't forget to come back!

Alex only produces a set amount of beads at a time, then the stock is replenished when it runs out, but once so many have sold he retires the design - all elements are in stock at the time of typing so if you do fancy any of these now is a good time to buy them.

Quick peek in August when I was out and about

I did feature a quick peek at this bracelet back in August but I've held off showing you it in full as I've been making my own glass to go with these, and I still had to make one final bead.

Like many things it was on my to-do list but it took a bit longer to get around to it, obviously Lurgy 1.0 and 2.0 didn't help, and I didn't want to put the full pics up until I could replace my temporary bead with the one that was supposed to be on there.  Problem now resolved!





I find it hard to choose a favourite as I love them all, but I think AER probably has the edge for me, well today at least!

I took way more pics than I needed for the post so I could also show you the glass beads too.

I love this bracelet, it's a tricky one to put on as firstly the silvers are quite big for my smaller wrist.  I only wear a 17cm chain with a 2cm lock so there's a bit less "bend" than I'm used to. Secondly I've also used the Trollbeads Sun Moon Stars lock which has to be the most awkward lock I've used to date; however I love the design and it complements the bracelet so I shall persevere with the lock for now!

What do you think to Alex's Elements Series?
Do you like bold silvers in general?


  1. Lovely bracelet Mars! I especially love the glass you made, it's gorgeous, especially the bead between aqua and aer :-D

    I don't have any of Alex's beads, but I do admire his work. I think my favorite I've seen is probably his octopus. I do like larger scale silvers but these might be a little big even for me, and I'm also less into the abstract designs.

  2. I loved Octopus but missed out as by the time I had the pennies it had sold out and I missed the last run of it before it was retired, but that's the way of it sometimes! I definitely hope to pick up more of Alex's work in the future, I love these beads, it's one of my favourite bracelets even if it is a tad tricky to put on. It's one that tends to get noticed if I'm wearing it!

    Thanks for your kind words about the glass, that one is my favourite out of this set! I wanted to make glass that had deep colours, but were also earthy and metallic looking, but for one to have a "pools" effect. I really enjoyed making these, and it was lovely to have finally made no.5 to finish the set!

    I keep wondering whether I should pick up another Aer whilst they are still available, that bead is my favourite one to touch! (But I've always felt all my beads naturally)

    Mars xx

  3. Yeah, the octopus was a great one! I do have a nice octopus dangle I bought on Amazon I really like, I posted a pic of it on an ocean bracelet I made awhile ago for you to see on your Facebook.

    You are so talented making your glass, I love it!

    Haha, I'm always feeling/checking all my beads too!

  4. I like Alex's beads, but I love how yours compliment them!

    When Alex first released his Elements, I was drawn to them, but worried that they would be a bit big for my wrist Plus, I didn't think that I could chose just one, and getting all four wasn't an option, so I probably talked myself out of them a bit for that reason too :D But, I have my eye on his skull and Daruma beads.

    Have you ever worn any of the element beads on a necklace? I think that I could see wearing Aqua on a dark leather. I think if I had to choose just one, I'd choose Aqua. But once I got one, I'm sure that I would want the set!

    1. Thanks Tracy, I was really pleased with how the whole bracelet turned out but I do love how the glass works with them too!

      I haven't worn them on their own yet, I love the bracelet too much! I think they would look fantastic on leather and as necklace too. i was much the same, definitely drawn to them but I really wanted a set - financially it was a big stretch but one of those decisions where I knew I would be gutted if I bought them one by one but didn't get them all before I could "realistically" afford them so I just closed my eyes and ordered. Bit like the Chinese Silvers, absolutley NO regrets. In fact I'd be tempted by another Aer or two... Two Aers on a necklace with 3 glass... hmmmm!

      Mars xx

  5. Hey it worked this time!! I think what I was going to say a few days ago was that I love your glass which for some reason reminds me of the TB Old Earth, and also that I love the silvers, but might find them personally a bit big. My small cherry blossom is about as big as I like to go; I love tiny silvers.... but this is a stunning bracelet and is really beautiful.

  6. Yay it worked, you're here! Huzzah :)

    Thanks Amanda, I wanted this set to be a bit gritty so I know what you mean... I really love being able to play with glass, it's such a pleasure - at the moment it's all experimentation and exploring different styles.

    I remember when these came out and I checked with Victoria what size bracelet she had them on because I so wanted to be able to wear all 4! I can see me using them a lot indivdiually as well, but at the moment I can't bear to split the set.. it's not just that I'd need to make more glass :)

    Have you seen the news about the special releases for the about to be retired beads... I daren't look but I always seem to miss the boat so perhaps that's not a bad thing for my bead budget!

    I thought my Ohm Dinosaurs were as big as I would normally go... but I absolutely love these... once I get over splitting them as a set I think my FN necklace will get them one by one!

    Mars xx


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