Monday 16 November 2015

What do you mean it's Monday again?

I sometimes have no idea where the time goes at the moment...

One minute I was like "Yay it's the weekend!" and the next I'm preparing for a full on week of the day job.

This weekend I've been sorting out some of my own lampworked beads and trying out some different coring materials, only one cut on one finger yesterday so I've been doing quite well!

The last two days were a lot more fun than last weekend which looked something like this... then I bathed the kitchen in a dayglo orange light...

But I'll save that story for another day!

Really I was just popping in to say sorry I'm not around much this month as I am busy getting my little studio table set up and learning how to do a lot of things I never knew I had to know!

I'm also stalking the postman as my Elfbeads Deal of the Year package should be arriving this week - so excited!

How is everyone else? Let me know what you're up to...


  1. Same here! Working a lot and no time for beadplaying or blogging. I only wrote one (1!!!) blogpost this month. :-( Looking forward to your blogpost about the Elfbeads Deal of the Year package! How about an unboxing video? ;-)

    1. Hi Do! Glad it's not just me :) I had a bit of shock when I realised a fortnight had passed, it happened in the blink of an eye, or that's what it seemed like to me...

      Hope you get a bit of down time for yourself and can relax, I rushed downstairs twice today (I have an office at home) when the letter box went "clunk" we have a really loud letter box flap that you can hear from most of the house (has claimed a few fingers over the years) but neither "clunks" were my dragon!

      I'll be working away later this week so unless they come tomorrow I won't see them until I get back; I've been so excited about the "which ones will I get" element, it feels like a Secret Santa package!!

      Mars xx

  2. Glad you're still having fun making your beads, Mars! I can't wait to see your Deal of the Year reveal :-D I got mine and love everything, my EverDragon goes perfectly with the 2 Ice Lilies I bought, and I got a lovely white fractal Monroe! I am hopeful my storybook lock is okay and not one of the defective ones, I've been wearing it and so far so good so fingers crossed.

    1. I'm really hoping it arrives tomorrow... my postie will get a respite as I'll be out tomorrow so won't be snatching any envelopes as they start to peek through the letter box!

      Yep I've got some time off soon and looking forward to be able to have some leisurely torch time without worrying about having to pack up for x, y or z! Which reminds me there was a kiln kit on offer I need to go check out!

      Mars xx

  3. Sounds like with a few people are having issues posting this month :D Looking forward to your dayglo orange story! And seeing your Elfbeads.

    I have also been bead making. Although I dropped an unfinished one on the floor and broke a part off and now I'm waiting for more metal clay to arrive so I can fix it and finish it off. Hopefully the clay will arrive before Christmas. But I have one finished bead that I will post about soon I think. :)

    1. Yep have things to write about but no time to write, and the weather has been dreadful making taking photos quite tricky, I really must consider buying some spotlights for my light tent as even when I find the time relying on natural light is not working out too well!

      Oh no about your bead! I killed one that died a death by coring... not in the usual way but I killed it trying to get a split core out, have added a jewellery saw to my list of tools I need to get!

      Yes was singing X Ray Spex "The Day The World Turned Dayglo"... well humming it out of key anyway ;)

      Mars xx


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