Wednesday 29 April 2015

Y is for Yellow Gold

A last minute surprise post in my Addicted to Beads theme as I'm generally a lover of white gold/silver/platinum and not a fan of yellow gold... but there should always be exceptions... I love mixed metal beads!!

So my Y today is dedicated to the first bead I ever fell in love with that contains Yellow Gold - Daisy by Trollbeads (a beadmaker brand).

It's quite a large bead (with a hefty price tag, so of course I bought it 2nd hand) and it's made up of 3 Daisy heads back to back with petals cast in silver and each disc in gold.  Each daisy head is different and together they form a large organic triangular shape. 

The collage above was made especially for this A to Z post - both to show off all aspects of the bead and to showcase the very first way I wore this bead; by itself on a black leather bracelet.

Daisy is currently on the bracelet shown below, a rich amber and silver design with that lovely hint of yellow gold in the centre.

Carved Amber Bracelet

There are so many metals that are used in jewellery, I myself love silver, but I also enjoy beads or links made from bronze, brass and I'm looking forward to a copper version of my silver bangle that Trollbeads are launching tomorrow.  I also like the use of glass, stones, rubber, leather and love the mix of all of these when used well.

So my questions for you today are...

What metals or materials do you most like to wear in Jewellery?
Do you mix'n'match or keep to one style?

Only one more post to go in the A to Z Challenge, we finish off the alphabet series with the final letter Z!

See you tomorrow!
Mars xx


  1. This is such a lovely charm, I don't think I've seen it before! Thanks for sharing it with us. I like all metals/materials, but I do have a special affinity for duo tone charms or yellow or rose gold (usually plated versions due to cost). As for other materials I like glass, wood, gemstones, I'll try anything!

    1. Hi Natalie

      When I first started with Trollbeads and got their catalogue, it was one of the beads that I looked at - went love it, looked at the price and went Y'ouch (like a more strangled extended ouch) but thought one day!!

      One day eventually came after two failed attempts but third time lucky...

      I'm looking forward to the copper bangle that was released today, still haven't ordered it yet but it's on the list!

      Mars xx


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