Saturday 26 April 2014

W is for Writing A Blog

Well, I've already covered:

Waiting (I'm not very good at it) for my Rebeligion Bracelet

Rebeligion See No, Hear No, Speak No Evil Skulls bracelet

Wyvern under Dragons (technically what my first dragon trollbead was)

First Trollbead: Lucky Dragon

Warplanes (will let you scratch your head on that one - if you're really bored you can try and find the reference in the A to Z series!)

Avro Vulcan XH558

and Weather (sort of; in my Iceblink post).

Attempting to recreate Iceblink with beads

That left either more weather (well I am British and we do obsess about it), wish lists, World Tour beads, what I wear, (bead) waggon, the list was endless but none of them was sparking any urge to write... then it came to me... Writing!

It was under my nose all the time, quite literally, as I was typing this into my laptop at the time.

Obvious when you think about it really!

I love writing this blog, whilst I've blogged before, Curling Stones for Lego People is my first totally public, tell people (eventually) about it blog.

I enjoy the process of writing, the creation of ideas about what to say, how to say it, when to say and indeed if to say it. I like the nuts and bolts of editing a piece, seeing the focus change and knowing when it's ready... it's a bit like how I cook sometimes... those dishes where you have a vague idea how it will turn out, but you don't strictly follow a recipe and it's slightly different yet "yours" at the same time.

The by product of writing a blog, and this blog in particular, is I get days like today, I hadn't written this post until now... so, er, actually none of what I've just written about above, this is my cheese on toast post - sling it together and try not to burn it!

Once I've finished this, I have some research to do and then I'm off to meet 2 very different jewellers today in preparation for blogging Hull Fashion Week next week and all whilst finishing off the month long writing project that has been the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, of which I hope to crawl over the finish line on Wednesday... literally embodying the last letter with several Zzzzz.

Makes me wonder how I ever fit in the day job?

What do you do for fun that makes you want to get out of a bed in the morning and stay up late at night to achieve?  Hit the comments and tell me more!


  1. I do love to write, but I also love to do web design! When I am redesigning one of my websites, I tend to stay up quite late to tinker to try to get it *just right*. Sometimes I'll even get up in the middle of the night to work more. I'm self-taught, so it sometimes takes me quite a bit of tinkering when I think a "pro" could do it much faster. It's a bit of a love-hate relationship ;)

    I like how you related writing with cooking, knowing when a piece is done. Sometimes something I'm writing will sit for a while until I get it just right, sometimes I'll publish something knowing that it isn't quite right, but knowing that if I tinkering with it too much more I'll ruin it (kind of like burning a meal :D).

    1. I can relate to the leaving it to sit for and a while and the publishing even though it's not quite right but wont stand for any more tinkering!

      Props to you on the web design, I haven't a clue! I've just about managed to get Google Analytics onto Curling Stones and set myself some goals... now I just need the time to figure out what regular reporting I want to set up!

      Mars xx

  2. Cool jewelry! I get what you mean too. I love working on my blog and getting feedback. It is fun to create funny posts with my words. New follower from the A to Z Challenge here, Shawn from Laughing at Life 2

    1. Thanks Shawn, will head over to you tomorrow night for a good read! Just had a seaky peek for now as I'm all blogged out today.

      I've been researching/visiting participants in Hull Fashion Week today and covering an event tomorrow, so once I've unloaded my photos I think I'm heading for an early night!

      Mars xx

  3. Writing my book, though I haven't had much time to work on it. Life has been draining much of the joy from it for me recently.

    (Female pool hustler on her way to her last big score gets stopped by a small town sheriff as a person of interest in his murder investigation.)

    1. Wow, am always amazed by people who are able to write a whole book, that's like cooking a 25 course banquet for hundreds of people. I've actually bought 2 books since the challenge begun because of either stumbling across the author's blog or the book being mentioned by another participant.

      I think taking a break helps, even when just blogging I took a break last October as wasn't feeling the inspiration as much to write, plus life was quite busy - now (apart from April) I've promised myself to just blog once or twice a week, unless it's a special occasion!

      Hope you find your balance xx


  4. I admire anyone who can cook as they go. I'm more a recipe girl--but not with writing. Some things come so naturally to people, and it's wonderful to be able to indulge and see those gifts come to fruition. (Love the bracelets, btw.)

    True Heroes from A to Z

    1. I think cooking as you go is like anything, recipes can help but sometimes exploring is so much fun! The end result might not be quite what you initially imagined but could be a lot better (or a lot worse)

      I had a series of interesting conversations yesterday with a group of people who were learning how to and actually making a silver ring for the first time at a jewellery taster workshop. The processes and how people were choosing to make their rings and how they turned out was a magical journey to be an observer to.

      I love writing my blog, but days like yesterday spending time with a group of students and artists at Oresome Gallery are just special!

      Mars xx


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