Sunday 12 January 2014

X by Trollbeads - Bronze Lock & Single Links

Last week I was rather excited to get a delayed parcel through the post.  

So much so I did a show and tell with my friends online, which was a bit delayed as I got sidetracked after showing them the boxes so they had to wait an hour to see the contents, oops - sorry guys!

I won't show you both boxes (nor leave you hanging for an hour) as today I want to show you Bronze X by Trollbeads.  I'd already received (but not blogged) 2 bronze X links before Christmas and had incorporated them into one of my X bracelets below.

I love the look of Soundwave between 2 bronze links, I think it makes Soundwave's rather smaller size something of a feature; showcasing what I still maintain is one of the best single link X designs, but one unfortunately that gets a bit lost when sat between 2 rubber links. 

Now I had enough Bronze to make proper use of it within a bracelet.

However the absolute first thing I wanted to do was to try an idea I'd had for a necklace instead... using the lock and a link as the focal point and attaching a pendant via the lock.  

The heart pendant is a lovely glass lampworked piece from Lush Lampwork finished with copper and ever since I picked this up I've wondered if it would match Bronze X, up to now I've been wearing it on a black leather cord necklace.

I made a few bracelets out of my X stash... but I finally settled on the fairly simple bracelet below.

This I teamed with another I made up so I can wear them as a double stack...

I think the bronze makes X more interesting, although I've really enjoyed making and wearing my black and silver combos and stacking them with other brands, for wearing just X by itself the bronze adds that finishing touch. 

I'm counting up my pennies to see when I can afford to buy some more bronze links to add to what I already have; although as I'm sat toasting my feet on a portable heater as I type this; it may be a bit longer than I'd like!


  1. Ooh, I really love your necklace! That heart is beautiful :)

    I probably should have made "Finish my X bracelet" one of my resolutions so that I actually can wear mine! Right now I'm still stalled at 7 links :\ I had hoped to get a few links - even just black ones - for Christmas, but it looks like I'm on my own to complete it :D

    I'm curious about your double stack. Is it one long chain that you wrap twice around your wrist twice with one lock or are they still two separate bracelets? I've wondered how well a longer chain would work since some people have said the bracelet has to be rather snug to keep it secure. Although I guess I really need enough links to make one before I even start thinking about making two :D

    1. Hi Tracy

      These are 2 single bracelets, I wear them side by side. I normally wear my X without a lock by just using the links but I wanted to try the bronze and thought it was a good chance to try out the lock as well!

      I haven't done a double wrap, I tend to stack single bracelets instead as I usually mix with other brands, also it saves on the crossover at the back; the last multi-strand one I did had 3 strands attached to a single back piece rather than triple wrapped if you know what I mean?

      I did stop wearing the star as a dangle though as once that came off whilst I was wearing it in the house, not sure if that was just a fluke but didn't want to take the chance of actually losing it.

      Mars xx


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