Tuesday 28 January 2014

Trollbead Collection Collages

Collages are something I create from time to time, in the blog it's a way to share a lot of photos in one image so as not to clog up the layout, but often I do them just for fun.

I started with the newly debuted Spring Collection from Friday.

Trollbeads Spring Collection 2014

Of course once I'd done one, I thought it would be fun to do some other Collections as well, working backwards here is Christmas.

Christmas Collection 2013

I tried to include Flowers of the Month within the full Fall Collection but the result was quite messy so I've split the Collection up as a result.

Flowers of the Month - Fall Collection 2013

Fall Collection 2013

And finally the Traditionally Sayings Collection from the recent People's Bead Contest

Traditional Sayings Collection
from the People's Bead Contest Winners 2013

Or almost finally, as Trollbeads have just recently updated their website to include some (but not all) of the recent limited editions I couldn't resist one final collage to finish this post with.

Recent Limited Editions from Trollbeads

Hope you like them, I think I'm going to keep them as a handy reference guide for when I forget which bead debuted in which collection!

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