Saturday 18 January 2014

Story by Kranz and Ziegler - Charms

It's been a busy time for news and new releases, and whilst I've been eagerly following the news, I've been in my own little bubble here in Mars land.  Mostly it's because I've been in pain, literally with my shoulder and figuratively; 2 failed MOTs - fingers crossed for No.3 and 2 different plumbing company visits - we have heat again... for now...

The silver (and rhodium plated) lining in my cloud this week was popping into a shop and finding a Story Charm Sale.  Although the stock was low and somewhere where I never would have seen it without asking; a careful search revealed 2 charms that were on my hit list.

The first of these was Amethyst Flower Button Charm, I've been drooling over this since way before I even had a Story Bracelet, I love purple and although I normally shun a lot of flower glass, I don't have the same feelings towards metal flower charms.  I would love a bracelet with multiples of this charm, but this is much like my Trollbeads Skeleton Spirit imaginary bracelet, something that is in the far distant future!

The second find was Silver Snake Head, a dangle with jewelled eyes and a little forked tongue.  I've not noticed this in recent stock pictures I've been browsing but I did remember this from that very first time I saw Story when it was featured by Victoria on her red snakeskin bracelet.  I almost missed this charm as it was hidden amongst a heap of others and as it had an unusual sheen to it I had dismissed it initially as being a gold plated dangle (not on my shopping list) - thankfully I'd decided to have another trawl through ALL the charms and a quick scrub later it was confirmed!

Happy with my purchases I left the shop and was keen to get home to try these out!

If I was buying everything from scratch I wouldn't necessarily be designing a Story bracelet with these 3 charms together, but when you're starting out and a sale comes along, you take your chances with the charms you *love* and worry about co-ordination later down the line when you have a few more to play with.  At least that's how I do this.  I love both of these charms and although by different choices I could have had a more co-ordinated bracelet, I wanted these two the most.

One of the things I admire about Story is the versatility of the brand to be matched with everything else I love, on the day I rushed home to try out my new charms I was already wearing a double stack of X by Trollbeads as featured in last weekend's post.

A few months ago I probably would have really gone to town because of the sale and bought these and a whole lot more, but as I said in my intro, it's been a tough couple of weeks, so I resisted, stuck to my New Year's Bead Resolution No. 6, and am on my way to achieving No. 5.

When I set Resolution No. 5 I never specified the number of Story Charms I was going to buy but in my head I've had a mental note of three.  I know exactly what I want the third one to be so it's just a case of finding it, and yes I have already searched the remaining inventory at the shop with the sale on... although I'm going back there just to make doubly sure!


  1. Good for you for sticking to your resolution! Particularly when faced with a sale!!

    The snake head looks wonderfully detailed :)

    1. It's a beautiful bead, the detail is all over, the underneath is just as fabulous as the top and sides. I also love the fact that the tongue actually sticks out from the head rather than it being "flat" to the head as a raised detail

      I was so lucky to find these in the sale this week - very chuffed!

      I see you've achieved your first resolution too, that's fab news! Great find, I love your stones and knot bangle :)

      Mars xx


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