Friday 2 August 2013

Trollbeads Pendants - Naughty Dragon

I really like Dragons.  Indeed my very first trollbead was Lucky Dragon.

So it should come as no surprise that Naughty Dragon has been on my wish list for quite some time, he's quite a chunk of a bead, with a price to match, but then there was a 24hr Flash Sale...

Up until recently, I'd never actually met anyone who had Naughty Dragon, I'd only ever seen stock photos of him, so his undercarriage came as quite the surprise...

Last weekend I went camping and the shrieks you could hear were as a few of my friends were exploring him more closely.  I had to double check I still had him before I left as the girls took quite a shine to him!

View of the top of his head, great detailing!

He's designed predominately to be worn on a necklace although I did try him on a bangle for a bit (I try everything on a bangle for a bit) but I wasn't happy with him on my existing necklace chains (non troll) as they are a bit too thin for such a beast.  You can see that his forelegs are designed to sit around the bracelet and the hole will accommodate a bangle, bracelet or necklace.

I decided to buy a trollbeads black leather necklace for him as a cheaper alternative to the trollbeads silver necklace (still waiting for a flash sale on silver necklaces).  Actually I bought him two, as he wouldn't fit on the first one - that was him being super naughty as I've since sold that necklace on and another Naughty Dragon lives on it with no problem, indeed I watched him slip on without a complaint... I think mine's a bit too new, or a bit too naughty!

So now he lives happily ever after on his new necklace and he has a very happy owner!  Can't think why.


  1. I love that guy! He's always a good conversation piece! He looks wonderful on the leather necklace! Enjoy it and the dragon!

    1. Naughty Dragon has been to his first wedding, and second weekend away... he gets around a bit!


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