Wednesday 28 August 2013

Trollbeads Pendants - Trolltree

Trolltree has to be one of my favourite silver beads of all time.  An incredibly large and detailed bead, well actually it's a pendant, and one of several silver beads designed to be able to hold a glass bead within the silver bead itself.

I love Trolltree and was admiring one on a necklace during our Troll Date with Friends, later that evening someone mentioned it was retiring* and I made a pact with myself to buy one as soon as the opportunity arose.

Trolltree is designed predominantly to be worn on a fantasy necklace and you can fit a small production sized bead in it's branches as well as it will also sit on another one beneath it's trunk

Although I don't have a fantasy necklace, I've seen some really great bracelets, particularly Halloween themed ones, with Trolltree as a focal piece, so when I finally had the opportunity during a sale to pick one up, I did!

I soon set to work trying it out on a bracelet, but my tiny wrists scuppered my plans... I take a 17cm bracelet and I just couldn't get Trolltree to sit right, it was way too big for my wrists and not only was it slightly uncomfortable, it didn't look right as it dominated my wrist (and not in a good way)... there was much disappointment and some rather choice swearing when I discovered this, clearly the really cool bracelets I've seen Trolltree on were much longer than 17cm.

Oh well, I shall just have to admire this one IN the bead box for now.  Get rid?  Not a chance!!

*I haven't verified this info and Trolltree was in the UK May 2013 Catalogue so nobody panic!


  1. I have a FN with no troll tree......I think I could give him a lovely new home xxx

    1. You could... but he's snug in his bed of leather right now. Shame to disturb his slumber!

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