Monday 29 July 2013

Red leather bracelet with a very special bead - 2 tone Planet

Initially starting out as just an enabler for others in the July sales, I soon ended up joining in myself, I just couldn't resist those bargain prices!

Despite 2 failed attempts, six months apart, to buy Daisy(the 2 tone bead I have been trying to source at a rock bottom price), I had better luck with my 2nd choice of 2 tone bead in the recent sales - Silver and Gold Planet.

Now I had it though, I wasn't 100% sure what to do with it, it's still quite hot in the UK so I really didn't fancy wearing a full silver bracelet and I wasn't getting any inspiration (yet) on a bangle combo.

I really enjoy looking at different ways to wear my leather bracelets and as I'd picked up a red leather recently in the same sale I thought I'd try to do something a bit different with it to showcase my new bead. 

I decided to try wearing my bracelet with a ribbon necklace I picked up at a craft fair earlier this month, it has 3 ribbon strands with a simple clasp and will wrap around my wrist 3 times if I'm careful.

Red leather and ribbon bracelet: includes Snow, Silver and Gold Planet, Sparkling Stars
Endless, Brew of the Moor, Taurus

I love the look with red leather and ribbons and I think the different reds really show off the gold in the bead without it being too in your face.  I've seen a really great combination using 2 tone Planet and Space showcased by Trollbeads Studio so I think I know what other 2 tone bead I'd like next!

I haven't forgotten you though Daisy, you will be mine one day! 3rd time lucky?

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