Tuesday 16 July 2013

Aurora beads ~ Trollbeads and Artisan

Thanks to Trollbeads decision to only sell the Aurora bead as part of a bangle set I've been able to pick up two "orphaned" bangles from sets where the bangle was surplus to requirements and in an opposite twist I picked up my Aurora bead that was "orphaned" from it's own bangle set... I'm positively the Trollbeads equivalent of a beads orphanage...

Well not quite, but it's not a bad idea, right, please send all your orphaned jewellery to me, I will give it all a home - apart from the sunglasses charm, I still can't bring myself to love it.

I digress, I was really excited to pick up an Aurora bead that my friend kindly sold to me, she had 2 and only wanted the 1, I had to ask her 3 times if she was REALLY sure she wanted to sell it (I would happily own a bracelet full of these) but I stopped asking after the 3rd time because I really really wanted one!

Unsurprisingly it found it's way onto a bangle (reuniting orphaned bangles and beads since 1st June 2013)

So I had my Aurora bead, the following day I had the opportunity to purchase an artisan version of this bead, well I definitely wanted more than one and I do like the artisan version just as much.

L-R: Trollbeads Aurora and Artisan Aurora

Top - Artisan Aurora
Bottom - Trollbeads Aurora

These two look great on... you've guessed it - a bangle combo, double stacked this time!

I hope no-one is getting too bored with bangles, as the Wash'n'Go choice (trademarked by Kay) I fear you may be getting even more bangles to come... perhaps I'll try to blog a bracelet next to give you some respite!


  1. Great blogpost and I <3 Aurora even if I haven't worn it yet !!!

    1. Thanks Patty, I adore the Aurora bead! I count myself very lucky to have 1, always happy to give a home to orphaned Aurora beads!! Mars x

  2. I love your artisan aurora, who is the artist?

  3. Hello, thanks for commenting! The artisan bead maker for this one is Christa from Luccicare, her beads are absolutely fabulous... you can find her on Etsy here...

    Her latest 2 beads that made their way to me are on my Fantasy Necklace at the moment...

    Enjoy your shopping!

    Mars xx


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