Thursday 18 July 2013

All Amber Bracelet

It had been a busy bead related week at home when these two preloved amber beads dropped through my letterbox, along with a few other random bits and pieces but more on those later!

For now I just wanted to rework my dismantled Amber bracelet into an all new amber combination without any silver beads.

The two ambers that arrived were quite big and would fit nicely towards the centre of the bracelet.

Unfortunately I forgot to add in my craggy amber as it was in another bead box (having previously dismantled all my former bracelets even my big bead box is bursting at the seams) and I've now run out of space on this bracelet... I tried to imagine replacing a bead on this one but I like it too much as it is.  Perhaps I should start another?

My All Amber Bracelet


  1. I love your amber bracelet :-)

    An amber bracelet is my next project once I've finished up getting the beads from various summer collections that I still haven't managed to get. I've promised myself that from September I will get at least 1 amber per month out of my bead budget.

    The hot weather is making me love my bangle even more as it's too flipping hot to wear a full bracelet! I've been really enjoying all your bangle posts although I appreciate me and my bangle are still in our honeymoon period ;-)

    Debbie xx

    1. Thanks Debbie

      I've always loved amber jewellery, it surprised me that I didn't start with amber sooner, but I think the cost put me off initially - it was cheaper to buy glass beads.

      I think it's incredibly hard to make a bad amber bracelet, it's so forgiving you can do almost anything with it and it still looks great!

      1 a month sounds like a good way to do it, that's what I intended in January, then got completed carried away (as normal) and finished it initially in February!

      I've only actually bought a few amber beads since then and my amber bracelet was the one that always stayed made up no matter how many times I dismantled my others - I make and break bracelets all the time.

      Now you have the bangle though you can make very good use of any ambers straight away, I love mine and you're right it's way too hot to wear a full bracelet at the moment! I hear you on the honeymoon period, it's great isn't it?

      I should be publishing my Summer Stones tomorrow, just need to get the post finished tonight... but it's still so hot that sitting with a laptop is like having an unwanted hot water bottle. Right back to the grindstone or it indeed will be Christmas before I show these stones!

      Mars xx


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