Sunday 9 June 2013

Troll Date with friends: The end of a great weekend ~ Sunday

So a new day dawned, a few hours sleep had been snatched and Pauline picks up the story once more...

"Sunday and the final day of our "mini meet"... we just decided to have a bead play and take some photos of our lovely purchases from the weekend, Mars was on instant messenger so we took a few for the blog as she was already planning out the week's posts!

Alison made the loveliest pink combo that I was almost tempted to steal had she not put it on her wrist immediately."

When I asked Alison for a photo of the bracelet that Pauline talks about, I actually got 2 photos!  On the left is how she made the combo on the day, the photo on the right is the final version as she swapped out Unity for Hugging Heart to match the hearts on the sides and changed the Plain Lock for her Chess Lock.  Both are lovely combos and I think the rejigged version is just perfect!

Whilst Pauline and Alison were busy creating with their new beads, I asked if I could have a close up shot of the combo Alison had worn out the night before on her Aurora Bangle with her Birthday beads, expecting a fairly standard shot I had forgotten it would be Pauline taking the photo...

Pauline's stunning photos were the reason after all for me asking her to write her first guest post for Curling Stones back in August 2012 so I should have known they'd be special!

Pauline continues "All too soon we had to make our way to the train station... with a final stop off at Beaverbrooks where Alison purchased just one more unique!"

Well when Pauline said that, I had to know what extras had been bought!  Alison kindly sent me the photo of her full haul from the weekend...

The new unique is the yellow one that's sitting dead centre in the group shot, but what a haul!

My sharp eyes also spotted a prism in there, I was sure neither Pauline nor I had blogged about that one... I asked Alison about the mystery prism... and of course for another photo!  It turns out there is another member of our group, who is also prone to generosity and this had been bought during one of the meets for Alison as a lovely surprise!

It's really unusual so I asked Alison about it, she said "It looked quite pink in the shop and we wondered if it was a retired red pink prism but it is definitely purple not pink.  It's really very lovely and now extra special because Shane bought it for me as a gift"

I did mention what a great group of trollies this lot are didn't I?

Pauline finishes our tale... "Waiting for the train, we had a chat about the weekend, and Alison's last words to me were "Can't wait for the next one!"  And what happened next?  Husband managed to fix the blender, read the recipe correctly and made a perfect Pina Colada!!!!"

So, from me, thank you to all of our group, the company was great!  A very big thank you to Pauline for not only organising the weekend and hosting the Cocktail night, but also for taking the time out to write and take photos for Curling Stones this week.

Last, but definitely not least,  thanks to our wonderful retailers for looking after everyone so well this weekend, especially Beaverbrooks in Hull who really pulled out all the stops (and the beads) for us!


  1. Aww sad that this little mini series is at an end! Loved re-living the weekend, and seeing what fantastic beads we all bought and received! Roll on the next time something like this can be organised again!

    1. Thanks Pauline, and thanks again for all your hard work, it was a great weekend and one I enjoyed very much. It was great to be able to chat Troll & jewellery with people who are just as enthused as I. The fact it all came with nice food & drink, good humour, great company and some fab discounts was just a bonus!

      I'm going to put my feet up a few days and then turn my attention to the beads I've bought, and also I've managed to source a few other goodies, it's been a very busy week, so there will be lots more beads to come in the next few weeks... a few special ones in there too!

    2. So enjoyed the saga, almost could have been with you, all the details you supplied. Lovely beads and 'workouts', but my heart has been stolen by the bangle, so simple, but the colours/combos are out of this world. Thank you for the mini series and so glad you had a super time together - with your beads!!! xx

    3. Thanks Kay, it's good to know that you enjoyed the series!

      The bangle is great, I think it's my new favourite thing, I will be writing about it in a bit more detail later on!


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