Thursday 13 June 2013

Good things come in 3's - Small and Beautiful Collection (with a discount!)

This is not the first time I've blogged about (my) Small and Beautiful Collection and the subsequent beads I've been able to pick up, a Mid blue galaxy, cream galaxy and the Big and Beautiful navy galaxy... that's a lot of galaxies!

I still had another 3 left on my wish list from the original release, a peacock, a teal tiger and a pink ridged/ruffle bead.

Imagine my surprise when I was able to buy 2 of these and another cream galaxy, easily, in the UK, no bead party/knockouts, just a straight purchase, fantastic customer service and a discount!

L-R: Small & Beautifuls: Cream Galaxy,
Teal Tiger, Peacock Bead
Now during their adventures in York, the group of intrepid trollies had stumbled across Fillans whilst searching for Asquiths... if you've not caught  up with the Troll Date with friends series this month it's worth a look!

Chatty trollies that they are, they soon engaged in a detailed conversation about trollbeads as well as how hard it can be to buy uniques easily in the UK, clearly listening the lovely folk at Fillans decided to put their uniques online for everyone!

Amazingly for me, when I popped onto their website to have a nosy, I couldn't believe my luck when I saw these 3 beauties for sale, despite not meaning to buy anything I couldn't resist, I've been after a peacock bead for a while, and now was definitely my chance to acquire one!

Small & Beautiful peacock bead by itself on a bangle

What was even better was Fillans had given us a discount, a whacking 20%, which they have now kindly made available to you dear reader!

Should you wish to purchase any trollbeads from Fillans, just pop along to their website, choose your beads and enter the code Troll20 in the box and voila!

Oh and did I mention the free postage in the UK and £3.50 worldwide shipping?

Whilst I initially put all 3 on the bangle to take a photo...
I liked this combination so much I wore it out the following day

I'm still grinning like a Cheshire Cat having been able to buy these 3!  So from the original release, it's just my final hunt for a pink ridged/ruffle bead.

I'm still looking for the pink version of this small and beautiful bead - known by trollies as a ridged/ruffle bead

I do like the look of a few of the newer designs that seem to be coming through as part of this collection of uniques, so who knows what will come next?

Do let me know if you catch your dream bead from Fillans, one of our group caught a fishie!


  1. I did not know you snagged these! and I'm very jealous/ pleased for you. these are great beads! x

    1. Thanks Mike, I've not had these for long... The peacock is even more impressive in real life, but I guess you already know this! ;)

      I'm really pleased with the other two too, this is a great example of the cream galaxy, it has a really nice pattern of the silver and the teal tiger just nicely brings the 3 together as a group, I didn't realise it had so much cream in it but it works really well.

      To be honest I'm still feeling really lucky to find 1 of them, let alone all 3 at once with a discount!!! Just my pink ridged/ruffle bead to go... oh and the new style "Mars" beads :D


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