Wednesday 17 April 2013

Pretty in Pink III - Retired Red Pink Prism, the sequel!

So I had 2 retired red pink prisms but they were very different...

So when I saw another preloved with great definition and a great price I thought it was time for 2 to become 3!

Okay I might have a touch of multiples disease now... this is the first time I've had 3 beads the same, only that's the point they're not quite the same, one would think that 3 is a good place to stop, I've always liked 3 as a number...

Only I, er, didn't, 5 is such a good number don't you think?

This is a good photo as it shows the variety and the depth of the pink in this particular prism, the only remaining question is will I stop at 5... 7 is such a good number don't you think?

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