Monday 1 April 2013

Luccicare Focal Bead Bracelet

Finally I got around to having some serious bead play with my Luccicare Focal Bead, I knew what I was going to put with it initially as I'd bought my 2nd milan bead especially for this.

So I started with a bracelet...

L-R: unseen small planet, Luccicare Bead, Zodiac Libra and Sagittarius Birthstone Star, OOAK,
Capricorn Star, Milan, Luccicare Focal Bead, Milan, Capricorn Star, Blue Goldstone,
Libra and Sagittarius Star, Luccicare Bead, Cells.

I was really struggling to find enough beads to make a full bracelet and it wasn't quite working, as there weren't as many beads it was quite loose on my wrist and because of the weight it kept swinging upside down.

So Plan B, try it on a leather.  I decided to use stoppers and have it all on one strand so it would stay put, the idea being I could twist it tighter if I needed to, so I wouldn't have the problem of it slipping upside down.  It was quite a challenge getting the stoppers on the leather but then it was done...

The first time I tried it it was a bit loose, I was chatting online with several friends at the time so mid-conversation I twisted the bracelet and locked it so it was tight; big mistake!

I had to stop chatting as I'd cut my circulation off, not a problem thought I, I'll just undo it, no such luck the tension I'd created in the bracelet meant the lock was well and truly "on" and not easily removed with my remaining good hand.  Cue a few panicky moments whilst I mentally tried to prepare myself to the prospect of having to cut myself out of my lovely leather bracelet.

Some deep breathing and finally some zen like calm descended and I eventually got the bracelet off and made a mental note to not try experimental stuff when in the house on my own.

So once I'd had a cup of tea and let the blood flow back into my hand I was ready for a rethink, less beads!!  Here's the quick shot I took of it to show my friends after I'd explained what had happened...

And here's the very first photo I took when I got my new phone, guess what I was wearing that day?

This was taken after a very lovely couple of hours sat in my Local Dealers having a cup of tea whilst they all admired my focal bead!


  1. Still lol when I remember your mis hap!! Haha

    1. Yes it was rather funny... once I had the use of feeling back in my hand ;) It seemed like a really good idea at the time...


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