Saturday 6 April 2013

Carved Amber Bead

Collecting amber beads was one of my New Year's Bead Resolutions, and I completed my Amber bracelet quite early on in the year.  As my bracelet is complete and I'm very happy with it I've not been looking for any more ambers.  I do however still keep an eye out for anything a little out of the ordinary where Amber is concerned.

Spring forward to the end of March and I was having "one of those days" at work and feeling a tad tired and glum, and during my lunchtime I'd spotted one such bead, in a raffle style listing for the chance to buy.  I do think this is a lovely fair way to give everyone a chance at buying the more unusual beads at retail price - and my preference over "first one to spot it can buy", or my least favourite... where the person who is "prepared to pay the most can buy", unless the last one is for charity, then that's okay!

I'm sure you can imagine just how cheered up I felt when I received a message later on that day to say my name had been picked to buy this beautiful, oddly shaped, carved amber ooak (one of a kind, or unique as they are more commonly called today)

It arrived today, and needless to say I've wasted no time incorporating it onto my Amber Bracelet, I've had to retire 1 bead back to the bead box to make room for it as the bracelet was well and truly stuffed to capacity already, but I think it's worth it!


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    1. Thanks Pauline, I do too, and it was a GREAT pick me up at the end of a very hard day. Plus it now means I have a free amber to put somewhere else ;)


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