Friday 16 November 2012

Swap Bead - OOAK

On the same day that Christa's beads arrived, my swap bead also turned up.  This was the bead that I'd traded Midnight Flower for (below left), the bead next to it is Forest Flowers which is still available to trade should anyone be interested?

I really like these 2 beads, but probably more to look at than to use in combinations so they spend more than their fair share of time in my bead box.  Well apart from that little trip I took them on in Trollbeads on Holiday.

Originally I was after a silver charm, as I knew I'd ordered a lot of glass beads recently and for once I was thinking ahead rather than just reacting to a pretty glass bead.  My potential swap partner didn't have any silver beads that I was really interested in and in an effort to make the swap work for her I asked to see any glass beads that she might want to swap instead.

Once I saw the photo of the row of available beads I'd already made my decision as it was a fairly easy pick for me, I saw a close up but that was more to see the bead again than because I needed to confirm my choice.  It was a "with fingers" day of bead photography that day as here is the picture of my swap bead...

Swap bead, a pretty trollbead ooak with bubbles

I've since tried to take other photos of this bead but none really seem to do it proper justice, and one of the reasons I was rushing on the day with my "with fingers" photography is I was wanting to show my swap partner just how well her bead went with my Christa bead that came on the same day.

Christa Keizer artisan bead
So with my first trade completed it just leaves me to play with these beads, my new bracelet and lock to see what will happen, oh yes, just a few more things to tell you about first!

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