Saturday 3 November 2012

Christmas Collection 2012

Well you're probably wondering where my Christmas Collection blog post has got to given the release date was 2nd November, or maybe you're not, I have to admit I was curious myself as to why I hadn't got around to one...
It's not because I haven't been excited about the new Christmas Collection.  To start with it's technically my first one since I started collecting - I'm not really counting Christmas Collection 2011 as despite looking I hadn't bought any trollbeads at that point and since then I have only bought one preloved Limited Edition Christmas Bead from the blue kit.
Secondly in 2012, there are a few key pieces I've been very excited about, namely a new lock and a particular silver bead, and I've been rather curious to see the other pieces in the collection, as for me there are many beads that I need to see in real life (not just from stock or actual photos) to make a decision about any must haves, leave it for later or not on your nelly!
For non-UK readers of the blog, indeed for anyone who needs it here is a definition of not on your nelly, but I'm sure you got the gist without the need for any explanation!
Mainly the lack of a Christmas Collection blog post is because I was too busy being a Trollbead Fan Girl, I've been reading about, talking about, looking at, researching deals and generally just been experiencing it rather than writing about it.
My main source of reading blog pleasure about the Christmas Collection has come from Endangered Trolls, not only is Victoria usually the first to break the news but I really like the way she writes and presents her material (hmmm think I'm having a fan girl day today).  Her photos are crisply presented and her blog layout is a delight (told you I was having a day of it).  In the last 24 hours she has been collating lots of the many deals that are available to those collectors who are prepared to shop around, or looking to combine their Christmas Collection purchases with other items to get the best deal for them as an individual.  I'd actually started to do this for myself with online retailers, but it was really good to dip into the links provided by Endangered Trolls to have a nose at the ones I was yet to discover.
Other fellow bloggers have been writing on the subject so I haven't completely neglected Charms AddictTartooful, or Michael Nand who've all had something to contribute to my reading list.
Originally rather than reproduce all the photos I thought I would just point you in the direction of other sources such as Endangered Trolls post showing all the beads with details, and Trollbeads UK for further info.
However when I reread the published the piece earlier; I remembered the original reason I started the blog, to see pictures, so I pulled the piece to put in some stock images from Trollbeads UK.  Apologies to anyone who was confused by my "no pictures" "with pictures" indecision this morning.

All my links will open in other windows so if you wanted to make yourself a nice drink, pop open all the links and perhaps enjoy some Saturday reading?  If you fancy some Saturday shopping then I do recommend you read Endangered Trolls posts on the Christmas Collection, there are a lot of good deals out there for those who are prepared to wait for their packages.

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