Sunday 11 November 2012

Christmas 2012 Holiday Collection - my new lock

Friday saw my new lock arrive from the US, complete with a complimentary 17cm silver bracelet, one of the  bargain deals that I talked about in my first post of November.

The lock arrived in a cute little bracelet box that I've not seen before, I always enjoy how the trollbead packaging is a design classic it's own right.

This Lock with Buds is beautifully detailed, the buds actually cover every part of the lock and the texture and detailing on this lock is superb.  I've been waiting for a new lock to appear and hoping it would be along the lines of the lace lock with a repeat pattern on the lock rather than a "feature" lock.

I have only one criticism of the new design, and it's a flaw that I've yet to see how easy it will be to live with, as I wanted to blog about the new lock as soon as it arrived.  The problem is that the small loop of the trollbead bracelet does not easily fit square on to the lock.

There is one place on my lock where it will just about sit right; at first I wondered if it was just this particular bracelet, however I tried with my other bracelets and it seems about 50/50, obviously I knew it wouldn't work with the leather bracelet as it was not supposed to.  When I sort my bracelets I'll match this lock to a more suitable chain.

If you are going to buy the Lock with Buds I'd suggest picking out the bracelet to go with it in store if  you can, especially if don't have multiple bracelets, as it will be well worth the trip to avoid the hassle that will come with taking the lock on and off (if like me you like to change your bracelets around regularly).  If you tend to make your bracelets up and leave them as permanent combinations you probably won't share the same frustration.  When I was playing with beads to make a combination I then got the bracelet stuck on the lock and when it was finally released it spilt it's contents onto my lap. (Must get some more stoppers).

Having just spent most of this piece discussing the flaw - I have to say that I'm very glad I've got this lock, I think it's way better than the stock photos and despite it's little difficulties I can see this lock becoming a firm favourite of mine.


  1. Thanks for this Martine, I didn't like the lock when I saw this IRL but actually it's growing on me, and so might just indulge and get one especially with the free bracelet xx

    1. It's a really lovely lock that I think does work particularly well with the silver bracelet. I think it will be a popular lock once everyone gets used to it, particularly with those of us who are less keen on the current flower locks.

      The deal itself is great as you can buy any lock and receive either a silver or leather bracelet and you're not restricted to certain sizes or colours. Although I must confess the "inches including the lock" approach to sizing bracelets confused me at first, I did have to email them as soon as I'd placed my order as originally I'd just asked for a 17cm bracelet.

      It's also a really great way for both new collectors and established collectors to pick up extra locks and bracelets. I'd still like an Elephant Lock and a Troll Tree Lock but I'm also tempted by some of the Redbalifrog locks I've seen elsewhere... so many choices!


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