Saturday 31 December 2016

Favourites from 2016

I haven't posted many photos recently, and partly that's because I keep wearing the same combos over and over again! So what were some of my favourites from my new buys this year?

ACA Kreations / Endangered Trolls collaboration - I have one each of the high shine and oxidised versions launched in late September. What tickled me is they came the day before I went to Denmark - so I took them straight back to Denmark the following day for a visit.

Ohmbead's Luna / Oxidised - I adore this bead, I have both versions but it's this bangle with the oxidised Luna that is so often on my wrist. I've barely changed this since it arrived, here is a pic taken only this week, still going strong from May!

Trollbeads Twisted Bangle / Silver - as you can see below the twisted version is pretty much constantly on my wrist, I love this version of their bangle. It was only released in early September but it's a firm favourite already.

Ohmbeads Typo Beads / M - I only have the M so far, but I intend to get ARS in January to add to it.

True story,  a friend asked why I'd spelt ASS wrong, when I mentioned I needed A, R and S and another friend asked "Didn't I need an E?"... they're all obsessed, or they're trying to tell me something!  In time I also want "Born of Fire" too, and okay, okay, I want all the alphabet plus multiples!!

I do have other favourites (who only has 4??), but these have all stood out for me and either have got, or will get, a lot of wear and be going strong into 2017!

Notes from 2016 - it seems I'm still quite the bargain hunter; there were a lot of preloved and sales buys in my box!  In fact most of the new full RRP items were either very Limited Editions (buy now or forget it!) or stoppers - I seem to have bought a lot of stoppers last year!

Name wise, for 2016 a combined variety of artisan makers topped my buying list, I bought more beads and jewellery from artisans than the big name brands.  In this list I include the lovely Eske Storm, Scott Bouwens and the fabulous ACA Kreations/Endangered Trolls collaboration shown.

Second on my list, unsurprisingly, were Trollbeads, with Ohm coming a close third, plus a much lighter scattering of X Jewellery, Elfbeads, Thomas Sabo Karma and Pandora (only bracelets for the last two).

I wonder what 2017 will bring?

What were your favourite beads or buys of 2016?


  1. I seem to have also fallen into the habit of wearing the same combinations all of the time. Partly because I didn't have as much time this year to create new ones, but also because when I did create them, I really liked them and didn't want to switch away from them!

    Ohm Beads dominated my purchases this year. Usually Trollbeads would have been up there, but with my mid-year Thomas Sabo purchases, I suspect that they handily took second place.

    For wrist time, December has certainly seen me wear the Ohm Beads Sugar Sleigh Ride 2.0 almost daily but the rest of the year is a bit harder to nail down as they tend to be seasonal. One bracelet that always gets lots of wear no matter the season is my dragon bracelet. I think it gained one new-to-it bead this year, the Midgard Serpent. And my skulls beads have made it out of my bead box quite frequently. :D

    1. Ah you can't go wrong with a skulls bead ;) I actually made a full bracelet today which is so rare for me, (included my bone skulls bead) I have a few favourites that have been made up for ages - and a few days ago I took the step of dismantling two of my permanent combos.

      Ohm have certainly moved up a pace with the Bead of the Month series, I love both my Lunas so much. I've shockingly not worn my Sugar Sleigh Ride 2.0 since I got it, life got crazy and I think it will be one of those years where seasonal bracelets are a couple of months behind each other... or 10 months early depending on how you want to look at it! At the moment my sights are set or ARS on the typo collection and other letters as soon as I have the funds for them! I can't wait to have enough letters to seriously play with new word combos!

      I'd neglected X a lot recently and got those out for a play so slowly things are starting to get a bit more varied, yet everything in my favourites for 2016 is still how it is, and will be made up for quite some time to come I think!

      Mars xx


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