Saturday 27 August 2016

Budgets and Decisions... and a pre-order discount!

Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK and I have a rather sedate time planned.  

The weather is somewhat grey today, and as I had unexpected expensive expenses this month (as both my car and my fridge/freezer needed repairs and replacement respectively) - you can imagine some online shopping for beads with my budget next month seems super exciting by comparison!

I've actually been really good over the last few months and have been underspending my budget which is practically unheard of, plus it means I have a bit extra to spend for September.

So what to choose? 

As a fan of Ohm's Bead of the Month I've been given a break as I was less keen on August and September's offerings, lovely charms just not for me!  The new Trollbeads release is ready for pre-orders for September delivery and X Jewellery have just released details of their new collection, oh, and I did rather like the new Thomas Sabo Karma release and it's not long before details will emerge on Redbalifrog's next release, Enchanted Glade.  Plus at the end of next month it's Endangered Trolls first release partnered with the fabulous Alex of ACA Kreations. 

I was going to wait to see what Redbalifrog had to offer, and I definitely wanted a Troll from Endangered Trolls and Alex's collaboration, so I thought my spending would be at the end of September... but I have been tempted down a different path a bit earlier than planned.

New twisted bangles in silver and copper from Trollbeads - release date 9th September 2016

Trollbeads 15% off Bank Holiday Weekend deal via Acotis, who are offering the 15% on new pre-orders as well as existing collection, spend over £100 and you can throw in a free travel case too!  

I had to stop at just Trollbeads as they are offering the deal across all brands!!

My choice?  One of each of the new twisted bangles and lots of stoppers are on order... I still can't get them until September but it will be something to look forward to next month!

What's tempting you at the moment?


  1. I junped out of bed this morning, eager to see the redbalifrog collection, then noticed that it's not until 9am my time :D I'm not sure if there will be anything that I need to have right away from it, but I always enjoy seeing what they come up with.

    Strangely, nothing is really pulling me in any particular direction right now. Although I did have a bit of a heavy bead load in August (although more than half was presents, not for me!) so that might be why I'm not hearing the call of the beads as much right now.

    1. I love the new Redbalifrog collection, but it's not something I *must* have anything of now. I'm getting a lot like that though with a lot of the new stuff, it's saving me a fortune being able to wait :)

      I was really pleased to get a discount on the bangles and I'm eagerly looking forward to them arriving, it pans out as I ordered extra stoppers due to the discount whereas otherwise I would left it and "made do" with what I had.

      I am interested in the new Trollbeads Skull but I'm spent up for now... still budget is going really well this year, so unless something weird happens in the next 4 months I'm well on track for my New Year's Bead Resolution in that regard.

      Mars xx


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