Saturday 21 May 2016

There's still some more tea in the pot...

I should be writing this whilst overlooking some lovely East Yorkshire countryside.

The campsite was duly booked, plans made, and then we looked at the weather forecast...

Now weather is not the biggest consideration when you have a bus, she's watertight, has a fire on board and a kettle which is pretty much all I need for a good time (oh how times change) but it was set to rain, and rain hard, all with a bit of blustery wind thrown in for good measure, all weekend, so campsite has been duly unbooked and plans unmade.

Instead I have been tackling the kiln excess problem (long story), the mountain of washing up (there's only 2 of us - where does it all come from?), the clothes washing pile I've been deliberately ignoring since I got back from Wales mid-week and I'm currently trying to uncover the dining room table...

I know the table is in the dining room somewhere, it's one of two, but it seems to have got buried under a pile of bead debris and spun facts about whether the UK should stay or go, and despite how much I think it, The Clash do not mysteriously come on the radio at this point - although in fairness I don't have the radio on, so if they did I might have a mild freak out.

I don't really "do" housework, it's something I ignore until either I physically can't move around the house or we have guests due!

Now that I've partially uncovered the relic that is our dining room table, I've been able to take a step back and consider the last few months of bead purchases.  It's been steady but relatively sane, a few sales items from Trollbeads, some preloved pieces from both unknown artisans and X Jewellery and TWO lovely Luna's from Ohm's Bead of the Month from May, lucky me as I got one dark and one silver!

I'm just waiting for one package at the moment, a quartet of some of the new Trollbeads Spacers, as despite thinking I was all spent up, I really couldn't resist ordering.

I can't show you any photos of these yet, that would involve uncovering the 2nd table near the window (my photo table) - which is now harbouring some of the overspill from the 1st table.  You'll just have to imagine them for now, but it's okay, there's still some more tea in the pot... I might be able to clear it in time for tomorrow!


  1. I'm so glad you admit to not doing housework--I avoid it as much as possible. I have been camping in very nasty weather and, while I am prepared for it, it sort of leaves one with nothing much to do.

    @Kathleen01930 Blog

    1. I would be happy with just my kindle, a sketchbook and some tea, but I'd arranged to go with my other half and he would be bored rigid - we'd planned to walk across the fields to the nearest village pub, but not so nice in this weather - have put the camping money to one side and will go when the weather will allow the walk without wellies and waterproofs!

      It has given me an unexpected weekend at home, and because I was away last weekend I forgot to cancel a foodie treat order, so clearing the table so we can actually use it to eat on seeing as we're now at home. I'm only doing the washing up so we've got something to eat off... I don't feel so bad if there's an urgent purpose to housework lol!

      Was hoping to light the torch but it's really windy so that plays havoc with the flame!

      Mars xx

  2. Yes housework is one of those things that's always last on my list and I too have a table to uncover - it's got my sewing machine on it and six million other items and I need to make a craft entry for a competition I stupidly agreed to host as well as enter!! When will I ever learn? Now lets get back to the fact that you have a BUS!!!!! OMG - how old is it and how did you get it and where do you park it and loads of other questions spring to mind? Direct me to a blog post if you've done one on it! Right now - let's go find a table :)
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. As it turned out, the weather although it wasn't great and would have been very soggy underfoot, wasn't that bad... but hindsight is a wonderful thing and we had all the "accidental nice food" to cook and we have unearthed our dining room table (and the 2nd photo table" so it's not been a bad weekend ;)

      Yes, I have a bus, not the most sane thing I've ever done but definitely one of the best things I've ever done... the start to the story is here...

      Bus Story

      She'll be 31 this year and the whole parking thing is a long story! I've been working out what bead work I can do on the bus this year and I think I can take my coring gear later on this year!

      How did you get on with your craft project? I have inherited a bizarre mini sewing machine (looks like a toy but is supposed to do proper sewing), so I'm hoping to do some curtains later on (this year, not this evening, I've done plenty this weekend!) if I can figure out how it works.

      Mars xx

  3. I love the Lake District (hate housework!). My husband's brother and his wife (who live near Thirsk) had a static caravan near Lake Windermere and we spent a week there several years ago -- it was a highlight of our trip! I hope the rain stops and your able to re-book a site soon.

    1. We used to have a team meeting up near Lake Windermere, love that part of the country! Ironically also spent quite a few lunchtimes in Thirsk as work took me up that way (but no more sadly) which was always a nice drive.

      The weather wasn't as bad in the end, but we got a quite a bit done at home, so it was probably fate as the house was getting a tad unmanagable, one of the reasons I like the bus, everything has it's place and it's easy to stay on top of (ish, well it's old).

      we have some sun today so fingers crossed! Hope the weather is definitely good where you are!

      Mars xx


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