Wednesday 9 March 2016

Treasured Tools for Beadmaking - Cup with a Hat!

I said I would start to talk more about my journey with glass beadmaking, or lampworking this year and I started out by writing a nice chronological account of how I got started again... but it was a bit boring so I deleted it!

I thought instead I'd introduce you to something my husband bought for me that I treasure for the joy it brings in my beadmaking...

... yes it's a mug with a lid, or a cup with a hat!

If you read my A to Z series last year you may already know where I'm going with this as I touched on it in G is for Glass!

Not only does this protect my tea from flying glass or other foreign objects, it also keeps my tea warm which is essential when I'm making, as I often forget I have a cup of tea there!

But the hidden secret is that it also contains a strainer... so if I don't have time or want to make myself a teapot's worth I can still enjoy my favourite Imperial Tea's loose leaf Blue Flower Earl Grey whilst I'm making!

How cool is that??

What is your most favourite unusual tool?


  1. Beautiful cup :) And I can definitely see how the lid would be very useful to keep you safe as well as caffeinated!

    I have a mug with a lid, but use it as a sugar bowl since our sugar container resides on top of our fridge :D It's also only a normal size, and I tend to drink rather large mugs of tea ;)

    1. I'd never thought about it before; I'd just got used to having my tea miles away and then forgetting about it... but that was why it was such a thoughtful gift! I've made a teapot's worth this morning so just enjoying that whilst I catch up on the internet :)

      How's your prep going for the A-Z? Still haven't made up my mind yet... toying with the idea but hanging off, don't think I've left it this late before!

      Mars xx

    2. My husband has given me a few really thoughtful gifts like that, things that I just hadn't even considered :) That is very sweet that he thought of that.

      I thought that I'd be further ahead on my A-Z prep by now, TBH! And even though I sketched out the top-level ideas for each letter, as I go through I've realized that some are too close to others and I've had to do a bit of combining and coming up with new ideas for letters. I'm a little afraid that I'm going to forget one! But, I will persevere. I have a bunch half written, so I really just need to buckle down and finish them off and I suspect that I won't be in too bad of a spot.

    3. Sounds cool, am sketching out a potential theme but don't know if it will stretch the full alphabet or if it's one to save for another year! I'm worried that I have too much on at the moment, but I've given myself until the theme reveal to make up my mind!

      Mars xx


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