Monday 22 February 2016

OHM Bead of the Month - Love Cage

My justification for still being on budget despite buying this with February's budget in January was... well, it won't come until February as it's pre-order, so that's okay then!

OHM's Bead of the Month for February - Love Cage

This is my 3rd Ohm Bead of the Month purchase and they just keep getting better... the packaging was sublime and beautiful all by itself.

The bead came inside a cage, inside an Ohm pouch.  The cage opened up and included the bead info that also acts as your Limited Edition Certifcate showing your bead's number (only 555 beads were made globally) along with a white feather, the leather bracelet and a lovely little bird dangle charm also in silver.

I put it straight on when it arrived, and to be honest, it's not really been off my wrist since - winner!

Have you indulged in any Ohm yet?


  1. Looks great Mars! <3 I didn't get this one, but I do have 3 of their BOTM: Deadhead pumpkin, Holey Ham, and Weeping Warrior. All Facebook prizes, I had a lucky stretch! I did recently indulge in a promo where I bought Year of the Ram, Assaulted Pretzel, and Ballet Shoes and got a free Dirty oxidized bracelet. I like Ohm, not all of their beads are for me but I enjoy the ones I have. One of my favorites is the pave watermelon probably. I wear my pink lightning bolt quite a bit too.

    1. Hi Natalie!

      I love Weeping Warrior, didn't get it but thought it was very well done. Yay for Facebook prizes, despite being overspent on my bead budget I'm not doing too bad on the overspending at the moment.

      I'm like you on Ohm, not all of the beads are for me but I enjoy the ones I have and I LOVE how the brand approaches everything they do - big fan in that regard.

      Mars xx

    2. Good to hear you are restraining yourself ;-) I'm actually pretty bead-content at the moment, which is good since I bought a lot of beads the last few months! Many of the new beads aren't really exciting me across most of the brands, but I think I was due for a little buying break anyway. Time to enjoy playing with the beads I have!

    3. Good plan! Something I actually need to do more of myself, as I have a few new beads that I've not used at all yet, shocking!

      I'm pleased with my restraint at the moment, although it's more to do with saving up for MOTs and being busy with the making stuff than pure willpower - but whatever the reason it's happening, I'm glad to dial it down a notch because as we all know my bead spending can be a little crazy :)

      Mars xx


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