Thursday 14 May 2015

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Boxes - Karma Beads & Charm Club

So I mentioned back in my Karma beads post at the end of 2014 that I'd received a free jewellery box but didn't actually show you the box.

Since then I've not only finished my Karma Bracelet (sort of, remember the small bead issue?) but I've also treated myself to the Thomas Sabo Karma Jewellery Box as well.

So without further ado...  I shall start backwards with the one that I ordered specifically and then show you the one I received as a Gift with Purchase.

Thomas Sabo Karma Beads Jewellery Box

This is a satin box with an embroidered top.  

It has one top compartment which holds a full bracelet and has indentation space for a further 10 charms and it also has 3 drawers in the bottom that can hold a further 20 charms across 2 draws with 1 deeper draw for pendants or other accessories.

The benefits to this jewellery box are that it's perfect for Karma, er, as you'd expect being the Karma Jewellery Box!  It fits a full bracelet and has enough room to expand on your charms, I can't really envisage me having 30 Karma charms in addition to my bracelet just yet, so there's plenty of life in the box whilst still being a small and beautiful thing to have on your bedside table, or wherever it is you store your jewellery boxes.

The downside for me is that the satin picks up every speck of dust and I'm not the most hoover happy of people, so I do wonder how long it will remain pristine... I've already had to clean one smudge off before I photographed it!

I'm hoping I'll get to test the indentations out soon as I want to replace my smaller bead with something more in keeping size wise for my current bracelet.

Thomas Sabo Charm Club - Charm Suitcase

Now let me start by saying up front that this is not to my taste in jewellery boxes, so I personally wouldn't have paid the RRP of £15.00 - however as a Gift With Purchase for spending too much just enough money to qualify, then I welcome it as extra storage for some of my other jewellery!

It doesn't seem to hold much for it's size, but as it was designed to hold TS charms from their regular charm line that hardly seems a fair criticism of it!

Inside there is removable top tray split into 3 open and 1 closed compartment and an integral bottom layer split into thirds with the middle one being a closed compartment.

Because it's round with a flat back, the outer compartments are an unusual shape when trying to fit larger pieces in, but as I've mentioned previously it's not really designed for what I'm currently using it for.

Side by side there is quite a difference between the 2 boxes...

Both have a magnetic closer to their lids and are held in place when they are open by a ribbon and both boxes are holding up to normal wear and tear so far.

In summary both have proven useful, I'm really pleased with my Karma box, it's not expensive so it's not as robust as other jewellery boxes I have, but then I'm not planning to throw it around anytime soon.  It's absolutely perfect for Karma which was the point of the purchase!

What do you keep your jewellery in?
Would you be tempted by either of these?


  1. As I rather like hat boxes, it is the black and white vertical striped one that caught my eye. I will agree that the problem with fabric boxes is that do get dusty which is why my jewellery boxes are all wooden! Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. My main jewellery box is wipe clean! I have some wooden storage trays and some plastic boxes too, always practical.

      These are the first fabric cases I've had. I checked the Karma one which is not doing too bad considering I hate hoovering/dusting, and it's more often on the floor rather than my bedside table at the moment!

      The suitcase one is actually really useful if you like that style, the handle is sturdy for carrying and I don't dislike the design as such, it's just that it's not something I would choose for my bedside table - the Karma one is more my style. As a gift with purchase though it's working out really well, and I did throw in an extra bead to make it to the required spend so I did want it ;)

      It would be great to have one system that works for all my jewellery but like many a bead addict I keep outgrowing them!

      Here is my main one for Trollbeads

      Trollbeads white jewellery box

      Great box, originally I didn't want it because it was white... then I saw one at a friend's house, saw how much it held and bought one, white be damned! Er, then I outgrew it... oops!

      Mars xx

  2. I am so in love with Thomas Sabo! I totally love this jewellery box, it looks so sophisticated and gorge! I currently just have a pretty bowl with all my bracelets in but it does make it hard to see them all and decide which to wear

    Sarah xxx ||

    1. They're both great jewellery boxes for the price and both wearing well as I've had them for a while now, I'd be happy to recommend either!

      I have multiple systems for jewellery but it would be great to have just one way of easily keeping and displaying things so I could choose what to wear more easily, it's very easy for me to take a long time getting ready jewellery wise, luckily I don't wear make up so that helps cut down on the getting ready time!

      Mars xx

  3. Thanks Misha, both are getting a lot of use so far!

    Mars xx


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