Thursday 19 March 2015

Ohm Beads - Rawr Dinosaur Skulls

You know I'm rather fond of skulls in jewellery?

Ohm Beads have taken me one step closer to utter jewellery perfection, forget human or bird skulls... Ohm have given us all Dinosaur Skulls!

I'm so fond of these that I've actually swapped* my car for them!


T-Rex first appeared a year ago as a one off bead (at the time), he's absolutely delicious and I wanted him immediately.  However, as often happens, other beads rose to the top of the wishlist instead - I wasn't sure I was ready for just one big dinosaur skull... secretly I always hoped there would be more!

When the Rawr Collection was announced with a further THREE skulls released ready for January 2015, I knew I was always going to find a way to fund these, it's not often I get massively excited by a new release that I have to have it ALL at once as soon as it's available.

Well not technically all as I didn't pick up any of the glass beads from the Rawr Collection, they do match the skulls beautifully if you want to go take a peek over at Ohm's website, and I do really like the design.

Aside from budget limitations, I tend to avoid glass that is branded with the name visible on the core but that's just my personal preference.  I think one day I might want a glass Ohm Bead more than I care about visible branding.


Try saying that when you've had a few!  Actually I can't say, or spell it when I'm sober either! Checks spelling of it for 7th time... 

It's a true likeness of the actual skull, as are all of these which is another reason why I love this collection.  It looks very striking on my bracelet and I've positioned it so it sits on the side curve to make the best use of it's shape.


I always feel this skull looks so happy!  It has great detailing and I adore the horns on the top.

Like Parasaurolophus it can sit a bit quirky if you want the collar to neatly hug the bead it's next to, but I really like that Ohm have stuck to anatomically correct rather than changing the design to make it cutesy or overly bead friendly.  On the bracelet I've placed it next to a bead that I feel complements this part of the design.


The Velociraptor Skull is a long bead, it's the only one where if you pinch the nose together there is a slight movement that can be felt.  I don't think this would cause any issues as it doesn't feel too fragile for normal wear and tear.

Although designed to fit the bracelet lengthwise, will also fit a Trollbeads bracelet vertically as the eyes are large enough for the bracelet to pass through.


I'd always wanted an organic feel to this bracelet - originally I included more colours, still earthy tones, but it detracted from the skulls too much so I simplified the colours even further.

It can be quite hard to accommodate FOUR big centre pieces all on one 17cm bracelet.

The horns of the Triceratops skull can occasionally catch your clothing if you are wearing something that's susceptible to this... my top tip... don't wear your Rawr Bracelet when you're trying on mohair jumpers in a shop, a'hem!

Finally I must mention the lock as my ultimate plan is to use Redbalifrog's Dragon Lock, which will be perfect for this bracelet... but, er, I don't actually own that one right now - so you'll need to use your imagination when you see Trollbeads Elephant Lock instead!

I totally adore this collection, I think it's one of my favourite collections to date!

*sadly it was time for my lovely old car to go to the scrapyard and be (responsibly) scrapped... as anyone who has done this recently will know, you really don't get a lot of money for scrap these days.  However I couldn't bear to put the paltry sum back into my bank account, so I decided to wear it on my wrist instead as the proceeds went to help fund my Dinosaur Skulls.  As they, and now my car, are extinct it seemed a fair swap!

What do you think to Ohm's Rawr Collection?
Will you be wearing Dinosaur Skulls this season?


  1. Those dinosaur beads are amazing. I completely understand why you had to have them. You sandwiched them in-between great matching beads, the bracelet came out with an archeological/fossil feel. Great stuff, what a wonderful piece. If I saw you somewhere with that bracelet on I would definitely have to talk to you about it.

    1. Thanks Liz E, I think I'm going to be wearing them tomorrow when I meet lots of people in Newport!

      It really is a spectacular collection of beads, I find with Ohm even if I don't like a specific bead I usually love their take on it and their ability to just put it out there for us bead lovers.

      My only ohter bead from them so far is Love Hurts, again another stunning piece (although I would have had nearly all the Christmas Beads from them if my budget had allowed).

      Just need to decide what else I'm wearing tomorrow as I'm ready to start my travels soon so if I don't pack it... I can't wear it!

      Mars xx

  2. This is fantastic. I love the chunky look to the silvers and you've chosen great glass to go with them :)

    I think you are right that they look best when you have more than just one; they just look so great together.

    1. Thanks Tracy, I've been wearing this all weekend and it's been getting a lot of new admirers... even those folk who didn't like the beads on their own!

      I think one might have been okay, but more than 1 is good and 4 together are stunning!!

      Mars xx

  3. wow these are so cool :D loved them... all of them.
    Thank you for visiting my blog :D

    1. Thanks Rajlakshmi - you have some great pics on your blog, looking forward to what you come up with on the A to Z next month!

      Mars xx

  4. I have been salivating over the T-rex for some time now, but as you said, other beads somehow got bought instead. And now I get to drool over the other dinos. I absolutely adore your bracelet. I hope this collection hangs out long enough for me to eventually save up for a few pieces.
    Oh and
    "Hey, Triceratops! You've got something on your head."
    "Eh? What? Where?"
    "On your horns."
    "Oh, yeah... ummm I was feeling cold and wanted some fur"

    1. Giggling away here... that's so cute! It was very like that :D I like the idea of them chatting to each other lol!

      They all came to Newport to meet everyone at the Trollbeads event, they were quite the popular little Dino's!

      The good thing is that none of them are Limited Edition so they should be around for a while, I know when I was buying a few places seemed to run out quite quickly but they were restocked pretty smartish.

      I really can't recommend these enough, they are totally striking and as I said in the main piece one of my favourite collections, I think this bracelet is going to stay made up for a long while as it is... just need to get me that Redbalifrog lock to complete it at some point.

      Mars xx

  5. Do these beads fit with Trollbeads Fantacy necklace?

    1. Ooh good question, yes from a practical point of view but I've not tried them in terms of how they'd look or how much they might swallow the pendant if they were on the very end!

      I've found the Velociraptor can chew the chain a little as the mouth part is quite long compared to the others, they would of course sit vertically...

      Will let you know if I try them!

      Mars xx

  6. Please let me know soon. Thank you.

    1. Hi Buonwebdesign!

      I'm afraid my dinosaur skulls and my Fantasy Necklace are both made up into permanent combinations at the moment so that would mean taking them all apart to try, and without photos it probably wouldn't be of much use to you.

      Have you thought about buying the necklace that is specifically designed by OHM to wear the skulls as a pendant? It works with all 4 skulls and has the added advantage of looking good as it was designed to do the job.

      There is a link here

      If you do buy it I'd be interested in your opinion as I'd quite like to get that for myself too one day.

      Kind regards
      Mars xx


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