Thursday 27 November 2014

Trollbeads Wave of Dreams Bangle

Trollbeads Wave of Dreams was released as part of the Fall Collection 2012.

I think I was on a bit of a roll for using beads that I feel guilty at keeping in the bead box for far too long!  It did help that last month I picked up a particularly gorgeous unique that happens to compliment both Wave of Dreams and a unique I picked up last year.  Throw in a pair of zodiac stars and voila!

Do you have a particularly fine example of a production bead
that you've neglected in your bead box?


  1. That is definitely a gorgeous example of the Wave of Dreams! I like how not only do the uniques pick up the colour of the Wave of Dreams, they also both have a bit of the wave shape in their designs.

    I don't know that I have what other people would consider particularly fine examples of production beads. I like my blue deserts because of the variety in their patterns, but each on its own probably isn't that unusual. There are certain beads where it took me a while to find one that really appealed to me though, so for me they are really fine examples. :)

    1. It's a fab version isn't it? A friend of mine handpicked on a bead crawl; at the time I asked if they ever sold it please could I have first refusal... I'd always admired it from afar! What it's been waiting for though were beads that complement it *enough*.

      Some of the best production beads I've seen in one collection belong to a friend of mine. She's got a fab eye for them and we were in BB looking at her beads and I was gobsmacked on how lovely some of her production stuff was!

      Mars xx

  2. This is a very nice combination!
    A bead that I absolutely had to have and now don´t wear is Treasures. It is a really beautiful bead but I don´t like the size of it. :-/
    But fortunatly I also enjoy just looking into my bead-box, and I love to see this beauty there, too! ;-)

    1. Thanks Do! It's difficult with some beads isn't it, they're so beautiful but you sometimes can't use them very often.

      I have that with Penguin and baby, it's the only bead I've asked for as a gift, but the way in which it hangs on the bracelet means I rarely use it - love the actual bead but it's not an easy one to use!

      Mars xx


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