Monday 3 November 2014

How I almost went to the Beaverbrooks and Trollbeads Beadmaker Event...

Photo courtesy of Beaverbrooks - Please do not reproduce

Regular visitors to Curling Stones will know that my boilers have been the bane of my bead buying life...

Around the time I started this blog, my already ancient boilers were starting to fail... and it wasn't a case of simply buying a new boiler or two and swapping them over; the set up in my (also very old) house needed changing around completely.

For several years I've been saving up, whilst also trying to build up my bead collection; two goals that have often been at odds with each other!  

The beads have often won out over the boilers (in case you hadn't noticed) but from January I had a renewed sense of purpose... also known as the central heating failing massively!!  We eventually got it working (kind of) but that was 3 plumbers later and quite a lot of bills.

The time had come, we HAD to get it done this year!!

So savings achieved and raided, plumbers/builders booked for the first two weeks in May.

All was well with the world...  Then my most wanted Blogger Invitation was issued.

"Would I like to attend and cover the
Beaverbrooks and Trollbeads Beadmaker Event?"  

Of course the answer was a resounding YES!!  I had my fingers poised over the train ticket booking system - what's the date? 8th May...


...came my strangled reply.  Right in the middle of the first of the two weeks of my Boiler Event!

Now perhaps hardened bead fans would have delayed the work at this point, but my plumber is quite in demand and I knew my failing system couldn't wait any longer!

So as I watched the event via Social Media from afar (the Beadmaker Event, I was up close and personal for the Boiler Event!) I plotted and hatched a plan to bring the Beadmaker Event to you!

Tune in tomorrow to see how that fared... in the meantime... RIP my Boilers!


  1. Sorry you didn't get to attend in person. Although yay! for working boilers. And with that monkey off your back, your bead budget won't be impacted by saving for it anymore. Woot!

    1. Working boilers are fab, the fact I have one boiler now that works and does everything is still a novelty! In fact we sometimes have to turn it off after half an hour as we're not used to the heat!!

      Yep no longer beads vs boilers... although sometimes after a splurge on a clearance sale I do think that would have bought me X for my bus... I think I like things beginning with B ;)

      Mars xx


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