Sunday 6 January 2013

New Year's Bead Resolutions

So over the last few weeks I've been pondering what 2013 will hold for my trollbead collecting and I decided to note a few ideas down at the start of the year and see where that takes me.

Here is a great example of
how to start a first bracelet!
Photo and bracelet by Trish
When I started my only idea was to finish my first bracelet, and when I did I wasn't 100% happy with the final combination, unlike my friend Trish, who has been much more focused and is already proving she has a great eye for beads.  Shown to the left are her first beads on her bracelet and I believe she is halfway to an already stunning bracelet.

Don't misunderstand me,  I like my eclectic approach to buying beads, as I end up with beads and bracelets I wouldn't have planned or ever got to have made without some special Mars chaos, or the "ooh shiny / pretty / bumpy / wow / sparkly" method as I have coined it previously.  I admire folk who are more focused and see their ideas through from start to finish, and I've seen some great permanent combinations.  Although I've yet to finish blogging them all, I currently have bracelets that I'd quite like to keep together for the time being (which poses it's own problems as I'll need another silver bracelet if I'm going to do that) but it will be interesting (well to me anyway) to see how long this lasts before I go "oh bugger it" and dismantle them to start again.  I like change, and new ideas, no matter how fab the current combinations are.  I'm also learning that I like to have at least 1 spare silver bracelet to play with at any time!

So here are my thoughts so far:

My New Year's Bead Resolutions
  1. To start collecting Amber beads
  2. To pick up some more zodiac birthstone stars as multiples before they disappear completely
  3. To continue to back fill my wish lists with BBB (Bargain Basement Beads)
  4. To curb my spending by being more selective with what I buy, I do want more OOAKs, particularly budded pythons and some of the newer style beads I've seen coming through but basically those OOAKs that make me go "Oh WOW" rather than "That's nice"
  5. Not to buy a bead just because I've visited a trollbead dealer / sale / bead  party
  6. To explore more Artisan Bead Makers and selected brands other than Trollbeads
I've started already with Nos. 1 and 3 but I'm really not sure how No. 4 will work out given my track record for 2012!  I've also achieved No. 5 at least once, as I left a dealer yesterday, who was having a 25% sale, without  a bead.  To be fair and tell the truth there were only a couple of beads off my wish lists, and not the best examples, but not a bad start to the year.


  1. I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one with bead related resiolutions... LOL.
    1. complete my safari bracelet
    2. hunt for ooaks that speak to me
    3. planting a euro for a moneytree, that I need to pay all this...
    Please keep us updated about the realization of your resolutions, ok ?

    1. Will do Patty, am interested to see if I can be a bit more strict with myself and a bit more focused.

      I have an idea of a bracelet I'd like to do over the coming year, of which I only have 1 bead at the moment, curious as to how long it will take as I've also chosen to have a bit more holiday from work for less salary so that will have an impact on my bead buying, but more free time to do the things I enjoy!

      I'll look forward to seeing your Safari Bracelet when it's finished.

      Mars xx

  2. Tried replying yesterday from my phone but alas, it did not work!
    I wanted to say, good luck really hahaha! ;)
    And yes, Trish's bracelet is looking fab already!

    I left this note on your Google+ page, but maybe can stick it here too - it's a request for a swap perhaps??
    'I received a green leather bracelet and an elephant charm with a silver bracelet recently... trying all combinations out, and I just can't get along with the green leather one! It's worth £27 and has only been worn once, to try out some beads. I have a wish list and some beads on there are £26 - I am looking to swap really! So, if anyone has access to any of these: Lake Eye; Turquoise Agate; Brew of the Moor - and would like to swap for the green bracelet, let me know? It's a gorgeous colour and I thought I would love it, but for some reason, it's not for me! Thanks :) xxxx'

    I thought, with your trollbead contacts, you may come across someone wanting one??

    Big Love to you xxx

    1. Thanks for the good luck wishes, no doubt I will need them as I try to stay on the straight and narrow with only a few detours this year, rather than it being ALL about the detour ;)

      Will ask around for you re: the green leather bracelet, can you measure it for me? They come in 3 sizes and I'm fairly sure you have the middle size but it will need checking, they come in 34cm, 39cm and 43cm but you also might get an occasional difference.

      I was the same with the green, thought I would love it, for me it didn't suit my skintone, the blue and the brown work much better for me but I take the 34cm size.

      I am looking for a 39cm leather (want to do something with knots and a focal bead) but probably in the blue... or I might have been up for a swap myself.

      Mars xxx


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