Saturday 29 December 2012

What is in your pocketises?

My Birthday, a day off work, The Hobbit and a bit of shopping planned courtesy of Beaverbrooks. 
(The "spend £50 get at least £20 off" Christmas gift card promotion)

Unfortunately I was cutting it a bit fine when I swung by on the way to see The Hobbit.  I chose a brown leather bracelet, which had to be ordered (as I take the smallest size which a lot of stores don't carry in stock judging by when I bought my blue leather bracelet) and a bead off my wish list that caught my eye on the day... Pink Desert.  

Being in a rush I left all the packaging and bags, bar the pouch, on the counter, as I just stuffed the bead in my purse as I was running out of the shop to make the film in time, I did attempt to explain why I was in a rush...  I was probably their weirdest customer that day?!

Thinking of the blog I duly took a photo of the Pink Desert... in the pub!!

Yesterday morning I received an email to say my bracelet had arrived, so off I went to pick it up - oh no, they had a sale... another bead off my wish list was acquired, this time IN the packaging and I wasn't in such a rush.  

What was even cuter, well apart from picking up Silver Trace, Green - Turquoise for £20, was that as my bracelet was now in the sale, they sold it to me at sale price, which meant I had a further £12 discount on the bracelet too.  

The shop have the new boxes in so I have more of my favourite design of box (first seen by me when I ordered my Lock with Buds from the Christmas Collection), with even smaller boxes for little beads.  Cute!

Yesterday was a very good day all round; as you might have noticed there are THREE boxes in the photo.  The sharp eyed amongst you might even have noticed the middle sized box is a slightly different design, this box came all the way from the US and contained my second retired pink prism.  Keeping the discount theme in mind, I had had a $25 discount voucher I had actually forgotten about from the lovely people at Trollbeads Studio from my last order with them, I used this and got my second retired pink prism for $6! Bargain.

So that was what was in my pocketises!

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