Friday 21 September 2012

More new arrivals (Falling off the Wagon Part IV - Locks and chains)

Bear in mind this is either a very high wagon I'm falling off or there's a trampoline at the bottom which means I'm repeating myself and we're only halfway through September... it's probably a good job I'm flying to an island that has no trollbead dealers on it and with no real internet access other than my outdated mobile phone or this could have continued all the way into October!  Although as Endangered Trolls has told us about the global release date of the much awaited Halloween Collection I already have my first purchase in October earmarked!

One hopes I can finish blogging about my September packages before I catch that flight!

On the same day that Taurus arrived I had another 3 packages fall through the letterbox that day.

Ebay provided me with my third silver bracelet, preloved of course and 17cm, just my size and at a great price when the auction finished.  To go with this, and it came on the same day, was a flower lock from another collector, also preloved.  This was very exciting for me as I'd been managing with only 1 lock since February and I can at last wear 2 bracelets at once without having to do a double combo.

Finally, I ordered a non-Troll safety chain off Ebay.  I've been wearing my bracelets without a safety chain since my Troll one broke (my fault), and I've never had a problem but the peace of mind a chain gives me is worth the cost, particularly when that cost is a fraction of the Troll price.  This is the first time something nonTroll has been on my bracelet.  Having received the chain and checking it's compatible and looks okay, I'm going to order some more and take advantage of the price.

Later that same week my third lock arrived, a new Swan Lock, also from another collector.  This was one of the locks on my wish list, along with Elephant Lock, which I'd missed out on the same day as securing the Swan Lock - for the sake of my bank balance this was probably a good thing!

So in a few short days I'd gone from one lock to three locks!

You can see by the photos above that all 3 locks are lovely and offer you something different to add to your bracelet.  I'm finding the Swan Lock a bit fiddly compared with the other two as there is a different shape on the Swan's neck where you fasten your chain to compared with the plain tops of Flower and Lace locks.  I'm sure that this will come with practice as it's a very new lock!

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