Wednesday 5 September 2012

Falling off the wagon Part II (new bead, new finished bracelet)

So you might be wondering, just what *did* arrive on Saturday whilst I was typing my last blog entry?
(or you might not... but I'm going to blog about it anyway)

The small bead that arrived was something off my wishlist; one Limited Edition single Jasper bead, a beautiful green colour with brown along one edge.  Preloved as someone was selling the set and they were snapped up like hotcakes by hungry (bead) hunters, I was lucky in that the one I was after was available and came to live with me this weekend.  I did discover that it's a bit tricky to photograph, but most of the photography in this piece was tricky so I started as I was so clearly meant to continue!

I dismantled my summery bracelet of reds, oranges and blues to make up something that was more in keeping with my usual style.  I wanted to include my Jasper obviously, to use some of my silvers and to try sticking with more natural tones to compliment my new bead.

The good news was I was really pleased with my efforts; the bad news... I don't think I want to break up this bracelet in a hurry either, argh!!

The second thing I discovered about my new combination is it went well with my other one.  I tried the two together using one lock as copied from the MyTrollbeads Facebook page and loved the results...

I was pleased with my efforts as this is the first time I've put together a double combo, I've always admired them but didn't have enough complimentary beads to do one (nor the bracelet for that matter).  It's a bit difficult to photograph your own wrist one handed whilst twisting your arm around... so the photos are a bit of a mix and match to try and show off the beads as best as I can.

Although I've seen the 2 bracelets 1 lock (not a euphemism) combination on other sites, I personally would worry about the stress on the lock and I'm currently without a safety chain after stupidly breaking mine by pulling on it really hard one day forgetting it was held in place by a stopper!  So I think the double combination is a "style piece" for now until I own a second lock.

Very happy with this bracelet; now to await the rest of the deliveries!!!


  1. Looks fab. I'm worried that I'm going toend up buying loads of beads just so I can blog them! you are a bad influence!

  2. Yep guilty as charged ;)

    Glad you like it, I was really pleased with this combination. Also means I get to use my Black Squirrel, as I've often struggled to use this bead on a bracelet with my other beads.

    Resistance is futile! Take care out there, there are many bead temptations :)


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