Tuesday 9 February 2016

First beads of 2016 - Midnight Brilliance

I seem to be going preloved, new, preloved in my bead purchases this year - and yes that is 3 months worth all paid for in January!  I knew that trying to start the year by being uber-strict in the amount I was going to spend was a tad unrealistic.

I ignored the new collections generally and decided to go down the preloved route with a 3rd Trollbeads Midnight Brilliance when one popped up for sale.

No. 3 in the middle, it's a tiny bit bigger than my first 2

Oops, what do you mean I haven't shown you the first two I bought last November??

When Midnight Brilliance was released by Trollbeads last year as a Limited Edition Black Friday bead - it came with a hefty promotional discount as part of the launch - 25% off if you bought it between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Ergo, it meant I could save quite a bit of cash as I knew straight away I wanted two... part of what I call my "Noah's Ark Bangle Obsession".

My original 2 Midnight Brilliance beads

I guess this is another exception of when I did go for it at release date!  It wasn't a cheap bead so the 25% off promotional price brought it down to a more acceptable level, but I knew it was going to be popular as well as cheaper and I really didn't want to miss out on a pair!

...with matching clear overlays

I asked the retailer to send me two matching ones as I didn't want to end up with another Sahara Night situation...

I have two Sahara Night Facets (below) that have very different amounts of clear and never look quite right if I try to match them on a bangle, nor a bracelet or necklace for that matter; must buy a 3rd in the hope I get eventually get a pair.  No wonder I deviate from my budget so often!

NOT matching clear overlays

I thought I was done with my January shopping, but I couldn't resist adding this lovely preloved amber to the mix,  It has striped ridges with some circles in a pattern that I don't have on any of my other amber beads.

I've just had a sneaky peak in my bead box and think I have enough amber beads to make up a 3rd amber bracelet, hmmm, not had a play with my ambers for a while.

Enough Amber left over for a 3rd amber bracelet?

How many multiples do you indulge in - beads, shoes, boots, jewellery?
Do tell! Or are you strictly singles all the way?


  1. (on behalf of) Kay10 February 2016 at 08:03

    Love multi buys, have many when I love the bead so much. On their own on the bangle really shows them off. Have 6 Florence and 6 Milan, love the design, colour and Italy! You kept Midnight quiet, I have 2, such a rich, glorious colour - yours look superb, great ensemble of ambers.

    1. I love Florence and Milan! They are on my Ohm dinosaur bracelet, I have some multiples of those would love more - two of the best bumpy beads from Troll in my opinion.

      I think I would have bought two of Midnight Brilliance regardless, but the bangle has really upped my multiples buying as I love to use them in combinations, but I like them to match hence the being careful on the clear overlays! I really like dark beads at the moment, have yet to put them on my copper bangle - shocking state of affairs... too busy for bead play!

      Mars xx

  2. I love your new beads and the trio looks so good. I can imagine your disappointment when the clear overlays are so obviously different and you want to have that symmetrical look. Super photos - thank you for sharing :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. Lol I think my Sahara Nights were a great example of how different they can be, both fabulous beads but they look very different when on a bracelet... oh well, will just have to get myself another! ;)

      The Midnight Brilliance version are lovely, I do like those blobs of glitter... when I work with fine glitter I manage to get it all over the bead, I aspire to be able to blob!

      Mars xx

  3. Love your new additions Mars! I try to buy glass/stones in pairs if I can, except critter beads and free gifts I'm okay with just singles. Just makes designs more cohesive to have pairs I think.

    I can relate to your non-matching Sahara Nights, I have a pair of ladybug glass where 1 is quite a bit smaller than the other. It bothered me at first but on a bracelet when they are not directly next to each other it isn't noticeable. I've decided glass that are a little different are okay because they are all handmade and unique so I will appreciate these little artworks and not worry about a perfect match :-D

    I buy other things in multiples too, I have some shirts and shoes and purses for example where I bought multiple colors because I really liked it and it was a good deal.

    1. I guess in clothes I go overboard on multiples of strappy black vest tops! A habit developed from distant student days that has never left me. Boots I've liked the style so I've bought black and brown for example, I'm quite fussy with boots so once I've found a style I like I tend to want to hog that style.

      It's the bangle that's really sharpened up my multiples where I perhaps wouldn't normally be so bothered about having two, or them being more closely matched... although I'm favouring single beads on my bangles at the moment but again I often pair a glass bead with a lotus top either side to finish them off with a "bead cap".

      Mars xx


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