Wednesday 17 September 2014

Past the Watershed - New Collections from Redbalifrog, Trollbeads & X by Trollbeads

We are now 4 main collection release dates into Fall, and another due in 9 days and I've yet to blog any of them!

In early August we saw Redbalifrog release their Me'lange Collection a small eclectic mix of silver, onyx and brass and also featuring a new necklace.

L-R: Redbalifrog Me'lange and X by Trollbeads Strong & Free 2014

A couple of short weeks later this was followed by the X by Trollbeads Strong & Free Collection featuring 3 new bronze decorative links, a new heavily detailed lock and a range of 9 silver decorative links.

Early September saw a huge offering from Trollbeads with the release of their main Fall Collection, this included 2 new glass kits, 2 leather bracelets, 1 lock, 2 stones and no fewer than 17 silver pieces!!!

Trollbeads Fall Collection 2014

On the same day Trollbeads also released a much smaller Halloween Collection, just 3 pieces, a Bat Lock, Bead and Earrings.  Although small this generated a huge splash across the Internet with collectors eagerly awaiting this release!

Trollbeads Halloween Collection

X by Trollbeads will debut their Halloween Collection later this month (26th) featuring 4 new links and pre-ordering is now available.

X by Trollbeads Halloween 2014:
Stormy Vs Alive

So 4 new collections released, and pre-ordering open for the 5th... what did I get?

Well so far... nothing!

My crazy August spending on preloved pieces and clearance sales reduced my original new collection budget to zero, so I have to wait until I get paid later this month before I can indulge in anything else.

This has forced a gap between the release dates and any buying/pre-ordering I might do, so I have the thinking time that I often don't have the self-discipline to grant myself; which is not a bad thing.  I have a very strong "ooh shiny" impulse so what I get isn't always what I would use straight away.  I'm curious to see how this pans out come pay day...

What do you think of the new collections?
Have you indulged and how did you make your choices to indulge or not?

P.S. Happy Anniversary to X by Trollbeads! 1 year old today!!


  1. I think the Autumn collections are amazing from Troll and X! Thankfully I know I don't want any of the Christmas collection which is just as well as there are so many beads and links I'd love from this lot! I indulged in Forest Treasures and Hope but still covet lots of X links. I know that I'd be able to afford more X links if I stop buying other beads but you know what it's like when you have a project in mind then loads of things turn up at once?! I've also indulged in some pre-loved beads but they are ones I've wanted for some time. As a relatively new collector (only 3 years) I'm constantly discovering older beads that I know I'll love and until recently not so many of the newer ones appealed. Until now that is!

    1. It's good if you have a long backfill list as you can make the most of the clearance sales, I've really gone to town on preloved and clearance but it does help to build the collection up quite quickly! I'm a relatively new collector myself but having gone quite berserk the last couple of years I am trying to rein it in a bit, although any non-jewellery person would probably see the reduced buying I've done this year as TONS! ...and they'd probably be right ;)

      I think we've had some lovely collections this year, and X seems to be delivering after what seemed to be a bit of a shaky start with all the floral and twee things that appeared at the start of the year (well in my opinion) - the last couple of collections I've got a huge list of X I want now.

      We were talking about projects at the weekend as I met up with some bead friends, I've had one project on the go for a year plus now - still no closer to finishing it with the silvers I wanted - hoping I might have just ordered some more glass that will finish it for "the time being". It's a bit of a misnomer as I make and break most combinations but I've had this one floating around my head for 12 months now!

      Mars xx

  2. Oh I look forward to seeing your finished projects on here sometime soon!

    1. Thanks Mel, hoping to be able to show possibly "2 interim" stages to the long term project as I've narrowed down what I'm going to get next, and I'm tending towards getting a project finished off with old silvers rather than totally buying all new... or that's what I'm thinking this week!

      I don't have enough cash to get ALL the silvers I want for the final project but hoping to make a jolly good start... don't want to spoil the surprise hence all the waffle :)

      Mars xx


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