Wednesday 20 August 2014

Quick Bead Play - Stones & Trolls!

I've been having a crazy busy week since I published all the lovely stories from World Trollbeads Day; it's a been a whirlwind of work, catching up with friends and we even managed to fit in some time in the Bus despite the Wind warning but that's another story... consequently there's not been much (er, actually, hardly any) time for writing or bead play... but I, er, I have managed to squeeze in some bead buying! I know, I know, my budget's ruined!

Part of my haul including picking up some lovely preloved stones and this led to a very impromptu bead play late one night, and several dark and fuzzy photos.

In the morning I thought the bracelet at least deserved to be photographed in the light!

World Trollbeadz Day Bead 2014

I love the soft greys with the orange and a splash of black onyx, the only thing I would change now I've seen the bracelet in the light is to swap out my lovely flashy labradorite for one of my more grey toned ones!

World Trollbeads Day 2014 Bead - Grey & Orange Bracelet

Trollbeads Grey & Orange Bangle

So glad I took the time to take some proper photos of these two... right, back to the grindstone!


  1. Oh I love your bangle! I've never really been into orange but that masala bead is certainly growing on me. I finally managed to see one for real this week and it looks lovely.

    1. I know what you mean, I absolutely *hated* orange beads... now I seriously can't get enough of them. It's like someone's flipped a hate/love switch in my psyche!!

      Out of all the facets I really love these two from the 2013 Autumn Collection, I bought multiples of both immediately and have never regretted it, they all get a lot of use :)

      Mars xx

  2. Hi Mars,
    Love your stone collection but wondering what the red beads on tne back side of tne Troll Day bead is. Are they also Saffron? They are so pretty whatever they are.

    1. Hi Angela

      Those two are artisan stones, I'm pretty sure they are Carnelian, but I bought them preloved from another collector so I don't know who cut and cored them. They are a lovely dark opaque orange, I had my eye on them as soon as I spotted them!

      Mars xx


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