Friday 27 December 2013

The Fantasy Dilemma

In a long and distant past I had a bit of a love affair with Maths, there was the whirlwind of romance, that amazing honeymoon period where we just flew along, the comfortable snuggling and then slowly we began to drift apart... I was young, easily tempted and so many bright and new shiny things to experience for the first time... and the slow burning realisation that perhaps that wasn't the life for me.

Now before you think I've been at the Christmas Sherry or that you've accidentally stumbled into a parallel universe where Mars talks Maths and not Beads... fear not!

Or perhaps do fear a little bit as I've not quite finished... you can of course just skip to the pretty pictures; go on I really don't mind... when I was deciding upon the blog title I thought to look up the precise definition of Dilemma and got beautifully sidetracked by Logic and Dilemmas, an autobiography of a mathematician, which randomly led me onto some fabulous blogs and a klezmer group... which I'm currently listening to as I type this blog.  I love the process of blogging!

Thanks to the usual heads up from Victoria at Endangered Trolls I partook of the Danish Christmas Gift Sets and bought an 80cm Onyx Fantasy Necklace (FN), complete with new In Your Heart pendant from the recent Christmas Collection and a red prism bead for less than the price of the necklace alone.

I was keen to make up a combination with some new beads that had just arrived and with this matching bracelet I was all ready for my night out - I literally threw this combination together but as it's turned out I've been wearing it non-stop for the last month without changing a thing. 

I've actually got more use out of this in a month than my 120cm Pearl Fantasy Necklace that I've had since the Summer, and therein lies my dilemma.

Long or Short? Pearl or Onyx?

Now I know that there are other things to consider, like it's Black Onyx and not Pearl, so it goes with a lot of my other stuff quite easily; plus there's the new little black and red tunic top I've just bought and wear a lot so it's not just long vs short... however over the last month I've been mulling this issue over quite a lot and have come to the conclusion that being shorter, that "Wash'n'Go" element about it is wonderfully appealing.

My long FN can be worn a myriad of ways, making it very versatile, although a tad more fussy to arrange and wear, but it's length makes it a show stopper when it is worn; it can be quite the statement piece.

So what exactly is the dilemma you might be wondering?  I have one of each; problem solved surely?

My dilemma is more a typical Mars one... Should I take advantage of the still available Christmas Gift Set price to get an 80cm Pearl FN for everyday wear, given I already own a 120cm one? be continued


  1. That is the kind of dilemma I hate :(

    If it was me, I'd probably try out some combos and use a stopper at the back so that I could see if I liked the combos on the "shorter" necklace. But that may be harder as a pearl might be something you wear more in the summer, and then I could see wanting something a bit lighter that didn't require the doubling of the chain ...

    I look forward to seeing your conclusion! :D

    1. Lol me too Tracy! I have some time to think about it as the deal with one retailer doesn't end until the 24th of January... ironically the day of the Trollbeads Spring Collection release which I also fancy.

      I like your idea of trying the pearl with the stopper at the back; I also thought about trying some of my favourite pearl combos on the onyx to see if they sit right! May have to have a play over the weekend and see if that helps me make my mind up...


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